Historic Meeting And Changes

On October 2nd 2020 we met to discuss the future of this site and to consider what to do going forward. A full review was conducted and feedback from people around the globe was taken into consideration. Based on this it was unanimously agreed that it continue and with a changed format. Work on the … Continue reading Historic Meeting And Changes

Unified By Truth And Love For Jehovah

What We Believe. Bible students are active all around the earth. Independently and collectively we believe the same things having drawn the same conclusions from scripture. It is time for bible students to work together to ensure that an up-to-date and accurate set of Bible based beliefs are shared by all of us. In this … Continue reading Unified By Truth And Love For Jehovah

Understanding The Times We Are In

There will be Pandemics The preaching work is complete We should worship from Home now Nations must sweep away religious organizations steeped in ideas from Babylon That God's Kingdom with Christ as King is just over a decade away That we should withdraw financial support from religions that hide the truth about Gods Coming Kingdom … Continue reading Understanding The Times We Are In