Modern Day Prophecies Fulfilled

Remember all of these prophecies detailed below were given to the 24 Elders in 2007

24 Elders

The 24 elders warned of a global pandemic after 2019 in 2007 and the need to stock up with supplies for 14 days in April 2019

The 24 elders warned of a major financial crisis in 2007

The 24 elders warned of the rise of Authoritarian Style Rulers in 2007

The 24 elders warned of major changes in migration patterns in 2007

The 24 elders warned of the intrusion of artificial intelligence in 2007

A Major Global Financial Crisis

“And there will be a great financial crisis such as the earth is not prepared for. And there will be many pronouncements but little change. And as for the flow of money around the earth it will slowly dwindle away. And each country will claim that they are immune from the crisis and one by one they will succumb. And for 10 years will this prophecy have fulfillment until finally they find their way to recovery. But as for those who have lost their losses will remain. And the wise one will sit tight and remain silent until this period has come and passed by. And some who are rich will prosper but many who are poor will lose even what they have. But the end will come and they will stand again.”

The first prophecy stated that starting in 2008 the world would be engulfed in a major financial crisis on a scale never before seen in the modern era. This crisis would have long-lasting implications that would extend for a decade. The world would begin to recover in 2019. People would pretend that it had recovered before this but the reality was that the crisis would extend in many different ways through to 2019.

Who can doubt the truth of what happened? Exactly as foretold the world experienced a phenomenal crisis that you can read about for yourselves.

The Rise of a Ruler With A Kings Power in the North

“And the King will be in the North. And he will push against the kingdom to the south. It will be as the kings who ruled in Babylon and the kings who ruled in Assyria.  He will have great power.  And the people will obey him as a king.  And where they do not obey him he will use force and his armies he will place on the streets and men will fear him.  .. And people of the Earth will speak disparagingly of him and even leaders will refuse to deal with him.  And the result of this will be great sadness and great loss.  And no one will lift a hand to stop him and he will do just as he will.”

In the 10 years included in this prophetic period of time there is little doubt that anyone familiar with the news has seen this prophecy fulfilled.

Strange Changes in Migration

“For they will hear of ships that sailed in search of food and when they put down their nets the food will not be there, for the fish will have gone elsewhere.  And there will be strange stories of birds nesting where they ought not to nest.  And they will hear of animals that are moving to different parts of the earth.  And they will observe the migration of great sea creatures when they migrate and yet they will not go to the place that they ought according to the ways of many generations and they will go to new places and in new directions will they go.  And men will go to the rivers and they will look and they will observe and say ‘look what is this?’  And on the faces of children there will be pleasure but the parents will be worried for they will know that what they are seeing should not be.  And they will ask ‘who put this wisdom in this creature that it now does this? For the whole earth will see this as the animals choose a new home for themselves.”

It was believed that this change in migration would be a very slow progressive thing with climate change, however some scientists now claim that as many as half of the creatures alive on the planet have changed their migration pattern and changed the place where they live as they adjust to the changing climate on the planet. All of the accounts of this change in migration speak of it being a surprise at how quickly it has occurred and yet this information was already available to Michael in 2007.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Ways Both Seen and Unseen

“And artificial means will come forth and the intelligence will not be real. Some will be seen and some will be unseen. And men will admire what they see and yet they should fear what they do not see. For men will give over their power to that which is artificial and they will surrender their freedom. And as for their privacy it will be like a shadow that fades in the sunlight. And men will not realize that they have made themselves subject to that which is artificial. And they will look admiringly at the creation but they will not see what lies behind.”

This prophecy was written in 2007 like all of the others above. At that time who could have foretold the way that artificial intelligence would begin to interfere with the way that we live or that man would become so dependent on artificial intelligence? In 2010 the world first adopted the idea of a tablet computer. Today we give so much information away about ourselves without realizing the full extent of the way that we have become dependent on artificial intelligence.

Religions Seeking Credit in a Special Way

“It is as a group traveling on a dark night.  And 10 men among them took up torches and held them aloft for all to see.  So the 10 men each lit the way and between them there was light that men could see and travel safely.  And when the group had traveled through the dark night and they had arrived safely at their destination then each of the 10 men in turn said ‘I was the one that lit the way’ when in fact there were 10 men that lit the way and there were 10 torches.  And so each one took credit for what had been done.  And a good work had been done.  But the work had been done by 10 men and not one and there had been 10 torches and not one.  And so as they took credit the ones that have been guided to safety turned to each other and said ‘was it not by the work of all 10 that we arrived safely?  Is it not time that you gave me your gold?”

“Were there not 10 torches that were used to guide us?  How come these men are saying that but one torch did the work and that one man did the work?’  And they will be confused and concerned so that on the one hand they will appreciate the work of the men but on the other hand they will question the words and the attitudes.”

“And the attitude of the men were as those seeking glory for themselves and taking credit for the work that they had shared in.  But there had been 10 men who had led the way and between them they had guided the group through the dark night. And in place of humility they seek glory. In place of humility they seek to be seen. And they will send forth their image even to all the earth. Look at me! Know my name!”

With the rise of the Internet and television programs more and more organizations have sought the limelight and even people who for many years were content to humbly seek to spread the good news found in the Bible have thrust their way forward. This in turn has created confusion. Organizations have seen dwindling numbers as they have seen the emphasis change from a focus on the message of the Bible to a focus on a group of men or a single individual. They have even used their position to try to raise revenue. Something certainly not in harmony with the Bible’s message.

Modern Day Prophecies Include The Role of The 24 Elders

Seen in Revelation these elders provide accurate updates of spiritual food as needed. After Jesus arrival in just over a decade, these 24 elders are used on earth to direct the transformation of the earth back to paradise. They are the earthly extension of the kingdom that all followers of Christ are encouraged to pray for. “Let your Kingdom come.” Matthew 6.


NOTE God’s Personal Name is Yahuwah [pronounced Ya-Hu-Way] and is often represented as Jehovah in English. Jehovah is a mistranslation of the name that has become widely used. It is time for an enlightened society to respectfully use God’s name again.