Yahuwah – The Testimony 2007AD


What follows in the pages ahead is something for people of faith. Having been required to record the words I still find it hard to understand how the word came to be. I have personally believed in God for many years and have read the Bible several times. It is a fascinating book. From the introduction to the conclusion of the Bible the accounts are full of wisdom and insight. When people disregard the Bible without actually reading it to determine what it contains they miss out on a lot. Almost everyone has an opinion on the Bible that is shaped by others as opposed to one shaped by actual reading and consideration. That being said it is a large book and therefore easy to misquote, and sadly, there is much of that today.

It is a very responsible thing to record the word of God.  The enormity of this is certainly not lost on me. I never expected to be asked to complete the assignment that is presented here. Yet it has happened and the book follows this introduction. Jesus prophesied that many would come on the basis of ‘his name’ [Jesus’ name] and perform powerful works in the last days & that he would reject them with the words ‘I never knew you.’ His Father however said that He would do a work in His [God’s] name. This would be the work that would be recognized. “Look! I [God] am sending to YOU people Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and fear-inspiring day of Yahuwah…… in order that I may not come and actually strike the earth with a devoting [of it] to destruction.” This was God’s prophecy at Malachi chapter 4.

Later Jesus said “Elijah, indeed, is coming and will restore all things.  However, I say to YOU that Elijah has already come and they did not recognize him” Jesus spoke of two Elijah’s; firstly one still to come [is coming] and one who had already come. [has already come.] Matthew 17:11-13.

Now we know what this means for the last days. Yahuwah has provided a word or message. It is what follows this introduction.

I was simply used as a secretary to write down the words. My assignment as to the words is to see that it is published and work to see that the message is available to as many people as possible. The presentation here is to keep it to keep it separate from mainstream ideology. Hence the book as it is here.

You will notice that the word has been divided into chapters and sections.  I was directed to do this and also to point out that one of the difficulties in understanding the Bible is often related to the fact that isolated verses rather than paragraphs are used in explanation.  Paragraphs are a more appropriate way to read God’s word as it gives you a real sense of the meaning of the words. 

As you will see in God’s revealed word in the last days, Jehovah [more accurately translated and spoken as Yahuwah [Yah-Who-A] has a message for the congregations of mankind which should be enough for people to go looking for the truth in the last days.

Sincerity and faith are widespread but where is accurate knowledge? How could anyone know?  Faith can often be indiscriminate.  So, please read the word and make up your own mind.  That frankly is the purpose of the word as explained to me.

There were four periods of inspiration totaling a little less than 20 hours.  All of the words were recorded in that time.  In my enthusiasm to write the word down under inspiration there was the occasional tense error or word that I omitted and so over a following period there were some minor spelling corrections.

It is therefore, the inspired word of God and explains matters so that what has been happening begins to make sense.  Read it with a humble spirit and I’m sure that it will affect your life in much the same way as it has encouraged me. It is not literature or art but a simple message. So now I will rest from my work and from the many years of waiting until the work continues. Now we know what the work of Elijah actually is.  It is a word in the last days that will cause people to be divided into two groups. Those who take up the meaning of the name Elijah and take their stand with God as opposed to those who choose not to believe.  Belief actually is a choice.

Please realize what the word actually is and what it actually means.  The reason that it is being produced here is simply because if it were given to any particular religious organization it would take away the independence of the word. Bible organizations themselves have sometimes been accused on this point because of their strong religious leanings.   My only hope is that comfort is brought to people everywhere. And we will see which of the seven congregations described in the word steps up to become the first congregation.

You can support the word by sharing this link.  In this way you will support the arrangement for getting the word into different parts of the earth.  The Bible speaks of the opportunity to be “fellow workers with God” and what a privilege that is!

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief introduction.  I look forward to hearing of the life changing experiences of the readers.

The testimony was written in 2007 – 2008. When the accurate pronunciation of God’s name was revealed in 2020 it was revised to use the divine name accurately.