Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Four

The Seven Pillars of Truth

1 And it came about that the word Yahuwah occurred to Elijah saying “here I do give you seven pillars.  The seven pillars are the seven truths.  By these things you will know that I am Jehovah and that I have spoken by the prophet Elijah.  I have not changed and I’m the same as I was before and yet will be.”

2 “I am Yahuwah.  There is no other. I have glorified my name.  I have magnified my name.  My name is Yahuwah.  And besides me there is no other.  And I do not share my glory with any other.  And I prove to be that which I prove to be. From times everlasting I have proved to be and to times everlasting I prove to be.” [God’s personal name. Often Miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A]

3 “Bring forth your power and I will show you power.  For I am Yahuwah and I am God.  One Father there is and one God there is. There are not two God’s or three Gods but one God.  How is it then that some of you are saying that there is more than one in me?  For I am the creator of heaven and earth.  And I am one and beside me there is no other.  All things I have created according to my will.  I speak and who can stop it? So I am not many gods but one God.  Into Egypt I went, where there were many gods and I humiliated these for I am Yahuwah.  There is but one God.”

4 “For I am Yahuwah and I revealed myself to the patriarchs, to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob.  Later I spoke to Moses and I appointed prophets in the land.  Among these Moses was the greatest until the coming of my son.  And my son Jesus gave prophesies that are recorded in my word.  And after Jesus I appointed John and John gave the Revelation.  And after John I appointed no one and at the conclusion of the days I turned my attention once again to the earth. And the beloved son directed witnesses even my witnesses and the witnesses went forth and took the word into all the earth.  So that my word has come to be known in the distant parts of the world.  And the work has been a great one and I have blessed the work.”

5  “As the days of Noah so the days of the world had become.  And just as I raised up Noah in times gone by, so I put my spirit upon the prophet Elijah. For in the days of Noah I purposed to ruin the inhabited earth.  And I caused Noah to know these things and I gave Noah a means of survival when I went saying, ‘build an Ark,’ and Noah was faithful and did these things and he was the first prophet in the time of destruction and he was faithful. And those who are searching for truth will know the truth of these words for they know that there is but one God and that God has not changed.”

6 “At times of great tribulation I have always appointed a prophet.  So today, as before, a prophet in the land has gone forth.  With my power and my spirit and my direction he hears.  And you should listen to his voice for those who listen to his voice will gain life in abundance.”