Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Two

1 “And as for Elijah he began to question me and say ‘who today has the truth?’  He wanted to know the answer.  And right away I replied to him saying; here is a difficult truth.  For there is some truth in the many.  And as for Elijah he was surprised because he had thought otherwise.  I went saying to him; there is one truth but there are many servants.  You will listen.”

2 “By my servants long ago I recorded by word.  Firstly to Moses and finally to John I gave my word and so my word was promulgated in all the earth.  And among the earth have arisen many who have sincerely wanted to serve me.  They are genuine, sincere, and heartfelt.  They were determined to find me and I let myself be found.  The word went forth in written form into all corners of the earth and in my due time when the end was approaching, me it was who commissioned Bible organizations to print my word.”

3 “Now the motives of these organizations were many but the result was the same; my word was printed in many languages and to many people.  Thus in every corner of the earth my word was revealed and men could read the accounts of my dealings.”

4 “And as the word went forth there were others who came forth and said ‘we will show the way.’   And so organization after organization sprang up.  Seekers of truth sought to put into words that which they found in the word of God and to explain it in a way that made it easy for others to understand.  And these ones approached searching my word with sincerity and willing to be adjusted according to my way so in turn they were blessed with understanding.”

5 “Then they formed Bible organizations and these things grew and the printing of the word continued to grow.  And to each of these a little truth was given.  For wherever they approached with sincere hearts and minds and there was willingness to accept the direction from my word then my spirit was poured out upon them and they were given some understanding.”

6 “However in time an allegiance to the organization replaced allegiance to my word.  When allegiance to the organization is greater than the allegiance to my word then the organization ceases to be guided by me but is instead guided by men.  Thus each one may contain a little truth and it is this little truth that all lovers of truth will take to heart and will cling to and be comforted by.  Indeed, they will know that within the organization to which they belong there is hypocrisy.  But they recognize allegiance to the organization and the principles of the organization and the governing of the organization has become greater than my word.  And so they have sought to invalidate my word with their own words.  And this is the intent of some but not the intent of all.  So that there are many that are sincere and to the sincere ones I give my blessing.”

7 “But as for those that have sought to invalidate my words and have sought their own advantage these ones must repent and turn around.”

8 “They begin as men devoted to studying the truth and end as men shoring up an organization.  Along the way that which is loyal to me becomes loyalty to men and so my spirit can no more operate there.  It is even as occurred in the time of the apostle Paul who wrote that most of the men of his day were seeking their own selfish ambition whereas only a few would genuinely care for the things relating to my word.”

9 “So it has been in the last days.  Now in this short time before the end the independent spirit continues.  However, take note of my words.  What men can do I Yahuwah can correct.  And so now this is the purpose of the word, to take that which is crooked and make it straight.”

10 “Here is the word of Yahuwah and through you as a prophet of mine I am correcting that which is crooked.  And you must write down my words and you must correct the falsehoods.  I am God Yahuwah and I revealed myself to Moses as a God who comes to be whatever he chooses to become.  I can become equal to any task or challenge.  Present power and I will show you a greater power.  Present your arguments and cases and I will present you with the truth and facts.  Let it be known then that in all mankind there are some lovers of truth who sincerely long for righteousness and it is to you that I am addressing my word by the Prophet Elijah.  Come my children, listen to my words and may you become full of truth and full of my spirit and may you prosper.”

11 “And it came about that the spirit of Yahuwah[Often Miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A] spoke by Elijah and Yahuwah said; it is just as when a man had a field that needed work and men presented themselves to do the work and they volunteered.  And there was much work to be done and each of the men went choosing the work that they would do according to their choice so that each one worked in a different area.  And the owner of the field had given instructions on what must be done and had trained workers for the field. But the men were volunteers.  And the men did according to the choice of their own hands.  Some preferred the edges and some preferred the light work and some preferred the heavy work.  And each one felt that the work that they did was more important than the work that was done by others.  In time the owner of the field looked down and saw the work that was done and the field was well tended and there was much in the fields that was not done according to the way that the owner of the field would have wanted.  And yet the work was done.”

12 “Now who has authority over the field?  Is it the owner or is it the workers in the field?  Surely it is the owner of the field.  However, the men are volunteers and therefore consideration is due.  And at the same time the owner of the field could also see that there were others in the field that had worked to undermine the work.  For there were sections of the field that were damaged and sections of the field that were burnt and scorched.  And so it came time for the owner to give his verdict and to give a reward to the men who had worked in the field.”

13 “And to the men who had worked in the field to damage the field and those that had burnt the ground and scorched the harvest the judgment was given.  That these men would be put out into the darkness outside and they would receive no reward save the destruction of a righteous God.  For they have hurt little ones and poor ones with their false teachings and false ideas.  These had sought to hide the kingdom of God from the sons of mankind because they claimed to know what it was and yet they had false ideas. And they put their institution and buildings above the service of God.  And it had become self evident to those serving in the field of these ones were hypocrites and murderers and liars and they looked on approvingly as judgment was given.  And so the nations turned their attention to these false teachers.  And so the poor and the hungry and the lame and those ravaged by disease received a reward.  And so at first there was an accounting with men but afterwards an accounting with God and this accounting is yet for the judgment but the first lies ahead.”

14 “And after these things the men who had worked at good in the field looked around with surprise for they had felt that they and they alone should deserve a reward.  And they saw that others like themselves had done similar work and they had not realized that there was truth in more than one of them.”

15 “Now the owner of the field was pleased with some because each one had chosen good work. The work had prospered.”

16 “And for some of these the surprise turned to anger for they believed that they and they alone had the blessing.  But for some others, they recognized that each one had worked in a different area of the field and that each could accomplish some good and that to each of them some of the truth had been revealed.  And they began to realize that the owner of the field had acted with great wisdom.  And they looked with appreciation to the owner of the field and to the beloved son.”

17 “For the work of caring for the field was a great work and there were many facets of the work and there were many who had done good work in the field.  In truth some had done a greater good than others.  And as the owner of the field arrived there were many sincere ones who took their stand who had genuinely tried to care for the work of the Lord and even some among those who had scorched the ground had separated themselves by their actions and their attitudes and their prayers.  And so judgment was not put upon these ones and they stood with those who had done good work in the field.”

18 “And as for me I went raising up the prophet Elijah and putting upon him this word.  So that he should give the word and men should realize their place in the field.  But before judgment comes they should read the word.  And they should act with great wisdom and they should act with great appreciation.  For many have done a good work in the field.  But now the time of small things has passed.  And here I am giving my word that men must be obedient to the word and they must make a separation.  That men may know that I am Jehovah.  I have not changed.  And to those obedient to the word I will pour out a reward.  But to those disobedient to the word the end is coming quickly. And will you be able to change when my son arrives?”

19 “For a time of great confusion has been in place.  And the word has been confused by many.  It is just as at harvest time when wheat and weeds are mixed together.  And so the time of confusion must pass.  And men must see things clearly and then know the truth.”

20 “So it has been.  I placed my king upon mount Zion and my king exercised sovereignty over the earth.  And so judgment began and pronouncements of judgment have gone forth throughout the earth against those that have exercised falsehood in my name.  For my messengers went forth and in the heavens did my messengers declare my judgments.  And the evil one was cast down and he attacked the sons of Abraham. And there have been wars and earthquakes and famines and pestilences in the earth in the last days.  And the horsemen have ridden forth. And despite these things there has not been a turning to God.”

21 “For many leaders among men have said ‘this is the way!’  And many have gone out after them and very few of these have been sincere but most have been seeking their own selfish gain.  And so they have done a little good along the way but have done badness on a unique scale.  These ones I have judged with the judgment of Sodom.”

22 “But there is yet in my hand a reward that I will give.  And I have sent the beloved son and he has come to the field to give the reward.  And much good has been done. The word has been taken to the earth and my spirit and blessings have been upon the work.  But now it is necessary for sincere ones to take their stand in readiness for the reward.  And so they will read the words of Elijah the prophet and they will know that these words are true.”

23 “And some will say ‘the institution, the institution, the institution!’  They have put the institution above my word.  And some will say ‘look at my powerful works, look at my powerful works, look at my powerful works!’  For they put their works above the keeping of my word.  And some will say ‘only we have the way, only we have the way, only we have the way!’  For they have put the man above the Word of God.  And some will speak of ‘inspired opinions’ as if they are inspired. Is it not I who inspire? Where was I when you spoke? But sincere ones will look beyond these things and will know that I Yahuwah am a God exercising loving kindness and that I deal with individual’s and that I bless sincerity and the Lamb of God who judges in behalf of the humble ones and lowly ones is present.”

24 “They will remember the shepherds in the field when my son was born to whom the Angels declared the glory of Jehovah[more accurately translated and spoken as Yahuwah and who took the message of the birth of Jesus.  These humble ones were shepherds in the field.  And yet these ones received a reward.  And they will remember the vast mixed company that went out with the sons of Abraham from Egypt and who exercised a little faith and yet were not worshipers of mine.  And these ones I rescued from the hands of Pharaoh despite their little faith.  And many will remember how my son spoke to the Samaritans and even men of other races although his work was to the sons of Israel.  And you men will remember the good I did to Pharaoh at the time of Joseph when I helped the people in the face of the great famine.  And you men will realize that I am a God of the whole earth, a God in whom there is no partiality and unrighteousness.  And you men will have to know that I am Yahuway and that no man has contained me or understood me.”

25 “The ways of Yahuwah alone are righteousness and truth.  Even as I exercised loving kindness in Nineveh and so said to Jonah, look these men should be cared for, so today am I searching the earth for those who sincerely want to serve me and they do not have a name but they are a people and individuals and in my hand I give the reward and my son searches for such ones.”

26 The work in the field is being accomplished.  The men are volunteers.  The field and the work are mine and the reward is in my hands.  This is the way of Yahuway.”