Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Twenty

1 “There is a third congregation in the earth and you men have known a little of truth.  And you have much good and have preserved the word. And you men have seen the falsehood in the earth and you hated it when my name was used to justify falsehood and the taking of life.  And in the beginning you went saying ‘reform’ so that you sought to return to the basic truths of the word.  And among you there are many sincere ones who sincerely offer up prayers but not according to accurate knowledge.  And yet you have taken this small seed of truth and you have served for many years.  And you were taking your stand against those things that were condemned in the 10 words and you have held to righteousness.  And you had taught your family according to truth and in the beginning there was zeal for truth and you sought to find your place in the earth.”

2 “And there was a little seed of truth in you and this seed remained strong.  And men began to take this little seed of truth and they embellished it but it was not according to Gold.  In the beginning you abandoned the lofty towers and the lofty buildings.  You saw these as they were truthfully, the works of Satan.  And so you went forth in a simple way but along the way men took hold and they embellished with stone and they built for themselves churches.  And men were torn for on the one hand they sought only the word and they did not want the stone and the buildings and yet on the other hand they admired the clothing and the buildings and the altar.  And so they took the stone and they took the glass and they took the ritual and they returned to the ways of Satan.  And yet there was a little seed of truth and many humble ones came into the houses of stone and they were misled by the word of the men.  Yet within you there are men and they have a little truth and sincerely want to serve according to the way of truth.”

3 “And they are searching but are confused by the men who wear the clothing and who stand by the altar.  And was the beloved son known by his clothing or was he known by his word?  And so on the one hand there is the Reformation and on the other hand there is the stone, and the glass and the altar and the men who wear the clothing and who claim to represent me.  And you have become polluted with the world and yet you have a little truth.  And to you there cannot be a change, for you are no longer as you were.  So that this third congregation must no more be.  And yet within you there are those who search for truth and you search because you sincerely want to know God and be known by God.”

4 “And you must look past the failings of the first congregations in the earth and you must search for the first congregations in the earth.  And you will see men and you will not see stone buildings and great glass windows but you will see humility in the men who call to your door.  And you must look beyond the stone and beyond the great glass buildings and you must see as men outside.  And as you consider your roots and the founding principles and you consider the cry ‘reform, reform!’  You will in these words find your way and you will return to my word.”

5 “And the men who stand by the altar and the men who stand by the great glass windows and the men who stand in the great stone buildings will see you leave and they will try to stop you.  You will not listen to their word and you will go your way.  For in Egypt they behaved like this.  The priests who served the frog and the priests who serve the sun did say to their followers ‘stay and you must not go up with Moses’ but the sincere ones did not listen to these words and they did go their way and they constituted a vast crowd who went with the sons of Abraham and joined themselves to the family.”

6 “And those who stand by the glass windows and sing songs, even praises, will know what it means to have the wrath of God.  And as for the sincere ones in this third congregation they must leave.  Get out of her and do not bring with you any of her ways.  And it may be that you have an ancient book in your house and the book is mine.  And you must take this book and put it away, even burn it.  And you must go and get my book, even my word, and you will receive it free from the first congregation and you must read this book and you must seek out the teachers and you will learn what it means to serve without the stone building and without the great glass window and without the altar and without the men in the strange clothing.  And you must be as it was in the beginning and you will know the joy of the freedom of those who are taught by me.”

7 “In the beginning it was thus that your forefathers sought to separate themselves from the ways of Satan and you have constituted yourselves into many congregations in the earth and yet you are but one.  And the ways of you people are different and yet similar and you were not part of the great Church of Satan.  And your ancestors said Reformation was the way.  And in country after country those among you did rise up and go your ways out of the Church of Satan.  And men did search for truth and they were blessed even as men have been blessed year upon year and season upon season and who sincerely search for truth.  And when men did so with spirit and truth so the spirit was poured out and they were blessed and given insight.  And when men went embellishing with stone and glass and altars and clothing and when men do constitute themselves a great nation in the earth and align themselves with the kings of earth and advance in the wars of earth, so they went going the way of the false cherub.”

8 “And yet the sincere ones in the earth believed for they discerned a little truth and in that truth they put trust.  And I will have compassion for you and by the word of Elijah I do say to you ‘get out!’  Get out of there and talk to the first congregation.  You will not have to look for them for they will call to your door.  And they will answer your questions.  And they will give freely.  And you for your part should listen to them and humble yourself. Follow the way of humility.”

9 “And I have seen the ways of the sincere ones.  And I have seen the ones that have poured out their life service.  And they have promoted truth and they have promoted justice and they have promoted honesty and they have promoted family and they have promoted values and they have promoted a sense of right and a sense of wrong.  And this difference between right and wrong is a great thing and by this difference men are two groups though they are one nation.  For many there are out there in the earth who say that what is right is wrong and that what is wrong is right.  And they have taken the perversion and the debased thing and they have called it right.  And they have taken truth and honesty and called it wrong and many bad men have advanced in the earth.  And men have taken the flesh of men and women have taken the flesh of women and they have said ‘this is acceptable’ when it is not acceptable and is abhorrent and is a debased thing and on account of these things the wrath of God is coming.”

10 “For men had taken the truth and changed it for a lie and to be popular and to be approved by men they have approved the lie and even made it a matter of sport and humor.  And there are those in the third congregation who have not approved these things and have accepted the standards of God. When the men in the clothing who stand by the altar have said that the perverted thing is pure they have not accepted these things.  What is good is good and what is bad is bad.  And a woe is pronounced upon those who pervert what is right.  And know that when you pervert the way of truth that the wrath of God remains upon you and there is no temple on which you can call and there is no way you can put this right and to your grave you will go and I will not remember you.  And they will say your name in hushed tones and as a group you will be hated and the hatred will last forever and no more will men return to this perversion.  And this is not the way of things and this is not the way of God.”

11 “And you men must know that I am Yahuwah.  I do not change.  From time indefinite to time indefinite I have been.  To time indefinite I will be.  I do not change.  I have constituted what is right and I have constituted what is evil.  Even as I stand to time indefinite so what is right will stand to time indefinite.  The yes and the no belong to me. There is no other than me.  The Most High I had been called, a Father I have been called and I have come to have children in heaven and on earth.  And I even I, will constitute what is right and what is wrong.  And as for those who are saying otherwise I will have no more of this and an account of such ones the day of wrath will constitute a fearsome day.  Those loving me will not be able to view these things and will separate themselves and be in a safe place.”

12 “And as for you men in the third congregation there will be those among you that will display humility.  And you will seek out the seven pillars of truth and you will seek out the first congregations and you will invite them into your home and you will listen to the word and your ways will prosper.  And there will be those men in the third congregation who will not humble themselves.  These men will look admiringly at the stone building and the glass window and the altar and the clothing.  And these ones will constitute themselves more fully the Church of Satan.  And they will become more and more in the earth. And there will be no one found in their midst who is sincere and each one will seek position and advantage and they will use their title and it will constitute something evil.”

13 “But as for the humble ones they will go their way and there will certainly be a distinction between one who searches for Yahuwah and one who has not, and my people will separate themselves on that day.  And here I do pour out my blessing upon those who sincerely search for truth.  I do send forth my servant to your door.  And I shall bless you and you will prosper and you will see the day and you will know the blessing of Yahuwah.”

[God’s personal name is often miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A]