Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Twenty-Two

1 “And as for those who sit among you all, even in each congregation who are of the false cherub who have taught bloodshed, I have judged them.  For these men have taught to despise the sacred gift that I am giving you men at birth.  And they have caused the mother to cry out with sadness.  They have distorted the ways of the prophets.  They have taken my word and they have used it for evil.  For am I not Yahuwah?  Can I not bring justice in the Earth?  Have I not spoken of the great day?  Have not all my Prophets testified to the coming of the great day of God? The sword belongs to Jehovah.  When the sword of Yahuwah is drawn it cannot be stopped.  And I will use the sword in a great way and it will be used against those evil and it will be I that do the judging.”

2 “And yet I am a God of peace. I am a god of love. And all my children are my children. And I love my children. And can I not preserve them alive? Or do you put limits on the power of my hand? Listen and gain discernment and do not say that Jehovah is a god of war. But Armageddon will come and it will be a time of decision. And all men will know the truth when the son comes and he teaches clarity. And you can prepare by paying attention to the word and being ready for the return of the son and kingdom power.”

3 “And can you men not see that there are those among you who were doing the judging as if they had my wisdom and yet they do not have my wisdom. Those who listen to their words will have their judgment.  For by Satan’s own seed will those of the Church of Satan be destroyed.  Therefore separate yourselves from these men and observe the words of the prophet and the words of the beloved son and the words of Elijah and know that my word is above all things.  You should pay attention to my word that is shining brightly before the end.  And as for those who pronounced bloodshed they will die.  And my own judgment will stand.”

4 “And there will be those among you who will seek for a sign.  Do not seek for a sign beyond the book of Elijah.  And in this book I have placed my prophecy.  And the prophecy of Elijah will come true.  But the word is truth and it stands because it is from me.  And the spirit bears witness with Elijah that this is the truth.  And Elijah grew older and seemed tired though he had lived for only a few years because he carried the burden of being my prophet for all these years and the word had to remain within him until my appointed time.  And I have put my strength upon Elijah for he had a great work to do.  And you men must put faith in the book and you men must put faith in the word that Elijah has finally written.  24 years ago I did speak to Elijah and did say to him ‘here I am concealing you in a remote place in the Earth until the time that you can act as a prophet and you will be my prophet in the Earth’ and he was fearful and did not understand these things.  And the Earth is a populous place and he was wondering how he could behave as a prophet and how the message could go out into the whole earth from but one man.  For it is not as Israel or like the days of Noah.  At that time the Earth was less populous.  And the 24 years passed and Elijah looked on with awe as it became possible for one man to put this message out with my blessing to the whole earth. And will he wait 12 years more? Yes he will and by this will he be known. For he is faithful and discreet and of the 24. Let the one who has insight understand.”

5 “And the sons of Satan sought to destroy the means and Elijah was protected and given the strength to write this book.  And now if you read these words you recognize the truth.  It is not complicated or a heavy thing to change your life and repent.  And there is yet another word beyond this to another congregation and a word to all the congregations that must be written.  And this again is not a heavy word but the whole earth must be obedient to these words.”

[God’s personal name is often miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A]