Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Twenty-Three

1 “And to a fifth congregation in the earth I do give my words of the prophet Elijah.  And here you are a people divided into many groups and yet you are similar.  You have recognized about the great churches that these do not believe the word of God and you recognize that they have put tradition ahead of the teachings of God even above my own word.  And so you have separated yourself from these things and you searched into my word and you have sought to evangelize.  And you have gone back to the word that I had written and you have said, ‘let us find the beginnings and the fundamental things.’  And so you have sought to find the fundamental things and to teach the teachings of the word and you have revealed the teachings of the beloved son.  And many have followed in the way for they have recognized that the churches are as the churches of Satan for they have overstepped the word of God and replaced it with the traditions of men and the thinking of those who are debased and who seek material things for themselves.”

2 “And now you have found something to be the case and so you evangelize and you hold many meetings and there is the singing of praises and there are those who give themselves to the beloved son and yet the beloved son does not know them.  Hear now the word of Jehovah and will you humble yourselves?  Will you be as those who have humbled themselves before Yahuwah  For here the word of Yahuwah is coming into the land and no one can stand before it and you must humble yourselves that you may gain from these things and be blessed with understanding. For the son is coming and all the angels with him and he will explain many things and the place of good and bad will be in his hands. And the humble will change their ways as in Jerusalem but those bad will increase their badness even as the priests who condemned the son.”

3 “Here I have sent forth Elijah into the land.  And the message of Elijah is plain that you men must repent and you must seek out the truth.  For the groups are distinguished by one distinguishing feature, they have a leader.  There is but one leader appointed by me and that is the beloved son and so where the beloved son is put aside by a man or a woman this one has taken the place of the beloved son and does not have my blessing or my spirit upon them.  My son is not in your image but my son is in my image. For the beloved son came with simple teachings just as he had been taught by me and he did not do a thing on his own initiative but did according to my word.  He who has seen the son has come to know me for my son is as me.”

4 “And so you must humble yourselves and seek out the truth.   And here I am correcting the words according to the ways that I have revealed to the prophet Elijah and they will receive my spirit and understanding and here they will guide you to the truth.  For it is just as I spoke to the apostle John when my son, the beloved son, gave the revelation.  Here I have appointed a kingdom and the 24 and they will provide what is needed and in the time before the end the beloved son will shepherd men just as a shepherd looks after the sheep and guides them to well watered feeding grounds and refreshes them with soothing cool water.”

5 “So here now I have spoken plainly to you and you must humble yourselves.  And do not look at your powerful works.  Do not look at your powerful preachers.  Do not look at your powerful gatherings.  For here the word of Yahuwah is manifested in simple things.  And in a simple way I have spoken to you and the words are clear.  And if there is truth in your heart you will respond to these things.  And you will know that these things are true and they will resonate within you and your heart will leap for joy for you have found the word of God and here I have directed you to the truth. And I will constitute a congregation of love. And will you behave with humility?”

[God’s personal name is often miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A]