Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Twenty-Six

1 “Hear now the word of Yahuwah you people.  Here now I have heard the cry.  For in the Earth there have been many who have cried out to me.  And I have heard the cry, the bitter cry of the fatherless boy and the widow.  And I have heard the crying of the wife who has lost her husband.  And I have heard the cry of the husband who has lost his wife.  And I have heard the cry of those who have experienced injustice.  And I have heard the crying of the children and the cry of the parents.  And I have heard those who are crying out because of sadness.  And I have heard the cry of unnatural death and had heard the cry of those who have suffered.  I have heard the dry of the downtrodden. And I have heard the cry of those who are starving.  I have heard the cry of those who have lost everything.  I have heard the cry of those who have experienced bitterness.  I have heard the cry of those who have experienced the disaster.  And sudden death and injustice and wrong I have heard.”

2 “For I Yahuwah have heard these things and I have listened.  And here I do put on notice all mankind.  For I Yahuwah am the God of justice and of love.  With me there is joy and in life I created joy and this injustice and the sadness is not from me.  And as for me I cannot overlook the cry.  For when men cry out in sadness and men cry out in pain here I Yahuwah am the father.  And can a father ignore the cries of his children?  Never may that be the case!  For I am Yahuwah and I have not changed.”

3 “Here now there is confusion in the earth and I have seen it.  And there were those who have gone forth as comforters and yet who have condemned.  And on the one hand there are those that have gone forth and said that they will help and yet they have taken their help and they have used it elsewhere.  So that men have looked on hopefully and put their trust in others and in the end they have cried out for me and have not realized the time the small things.  And now I do make a reply.  But here the words of the beloved son are coming to a conclusion.  And the day of Yahuwah is coming quickly.  And as for those who cause hardship in the earth here now I do make this solemn oath that as I promised through all the prophets I will bring to a ruin those who are ruining the earth and those responsible for the cries of sadness and pain. You must read the account of Jonah and know its meaning.”

4 “And at the appointed time the end will come.  And it will not be the end for those who are righteous and who are striving to serve and live in accordance with the word.  For it will be as at the time of Moses and my people will be separated and when destruction comes they will go their way and I will give them the earth.  For Moses crossed the sea and stood on the bank. The Pharaoh chose to fight. But that does not need to be the way with mankind. For here I am the creator and life giver. And will you listen to me or will you be like Pharaoh? And the earth will come to be filled with peace and the sound of joyous cries.  And at that time men will look to one another with gladness.”

5 “But no more will there be the one who cries out because of injustice and no more will there be the cry of sadness over unnatural things.  And bitterness will be no more that men will know the joy of Yahuwah.”

6 “And at that time I will appoint princes in the earth and these will be men of righteousness and wisdom.  And the 24 will take their place representing the kingdom. For they will be as Joseph who stood before me at the time of Pharaoh and administered in a fine way during a difficult time.  And then there will be those who will share in the building work and there will be those bearing children and the earth will be happy.”

7 “Furthermore, at that time I will recreate all those who have fallen asleep and the resurrection will occur of all in the grave.  And all men will see the distinction between the earth as it was and the earth as it will be and they will have to know that I am Yahuwah.  And the beloved son will extend the gift of life to those who wish to live in paradise.”

8 “And at that time scrolls will be open and I will give my word through the 24 so that all men may come to know the ways of paradise and there will be a time of great rejoicing in the earth.”

9 “And at that time great things will occur in the earth that men cannot possibly understand.  But they will see them and they will come to know that I am Yahuwah.  And the earth will be restored and I will change the earth for paradise the earth will be and it will be not be a garden in a single place but will be a well watered garden in all the earth. And it will be nothing but joyful.”