Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Twenty-Seven

1 “So here now the seventh word.  For I have spoken to six, to the five congregations, and to those without congregation.  And here now I speak to the whole earth.”

2 “Here now you are the sons of Adam.  At the time of the flood I did rid the earth of wickedness.  And now here again the earth is wicked.  And you men must know the ways of wickedness cannot endure.  And wickedness must be no more.  Here now there are many hurtful and hateful things in the earth.  And I have spoken in my word and condemned these things.  And men have sought to invalidate my word and invalidate my condemnation.  And yet here I speak today and I make plain that I have not changed.  So you men must not invalidate my word.  You men have fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah who went saying “men will make good, bad, and men will call what is bad, good.”  And so some of you men have behaved according to your own desire.”

3 “And you have sought to invalidate my word and misrepresent even the words of the beloved son.  Here now I speak plainly.  What I have condemned remains condemned and what I have praised remains praised.”

4 “Hear now and repent.  And will you men humble yourselves?  Or will you men store up yourselves torment in the earth?  For many will mock and by their words they condemn themselves. But they can be saved with just a little faith. For here now the day is coming quickly and to Elijah I have said it.  For until the coming of Elijah the days had not drawn close.  Even as I said to the prophet Malachi that I would then send forth Elijah and the end would come. And as for the time of test its days were set in Eden. Only its length was lost. But it was not indefinite and now its days are ending.”

5 “So here now the time came of great things.  And here now at my due time I raised up stones and glass that cry out and deliver a message to your home  And here now there were many who will volunteer in the field and share in spreading the good news.  Into all the earth the word has gone forth.  And the final period of time must come with the arrival of Elijah.  And only with the book of Elijah can the end come.”

6 “And so now the time has come.  And as you read the word of Elijah you know the day has drawn near.  And here now you must not add one word to the book of Elijah.  The book of Elijah is as the book of Noah.  Here now in my word I caused it to be recorded a few words about Noah.  And his preaching was something separate and distinct.  And so it is with the book of Elijah.  And men have been waiting for a sign.  And to the congregations the signs were given according to the word of the beloved son.  And to the whole earth the sign has been given in the book of Elijah.  But here now I have spoken my word and you must read it and you must follow it.  And to your homes I am sending the truth.  And they will bring the message of my word and you must be humble to my word.  But as for the great congregations they must behave with love.”