Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Twenty-One

1 “And to a fourth congregation in the earth I do write by my prophet Elijah.  To a populous people who are scattered throughout the earth.  And you are a populace people and you are feared by some for you have come to know religious zeal and the zeal has manifest itself in many ways.  And you men have known what it means to put worship first in your lives for your worship is your life and your life has been dominated by your worship.  And when the command goes forth to worship you go and you do not relegate worship in your life.  Even as my servant Job set aside time for worship and he would with regularity go his way to worship me, so you have regularly worshiped. When mention is made of your names the word worship is immediate, for you are a people great in the earth.  For there are many of you and you are called by many different names.  And I speak to you as a people for I have seen your sincerity.  And you have much to learn of the son, the beloved one, and when you learn of these things and you serve with sincerity your worship will be great.”

2 “Abraham was my friend and will be my friend again.  So that the word is true when it says “Abraham was a friend of God” for friendship we have.  And Abraham came to serve me in a distant land and I said to Abraham to go his way and dwell in tents in the land in which the beloved son would live.  And Abraham had not relegated worship in his life but he worshiped with spirit and zeal.  And little was known of the ways of Yahuwah in the earth at that time and yet Abraham knew me.  And I let myself be found by Abraham and he would pray every day according to his way and he would allow nothing to interfere with his worship and so he prospered and his household was established.  And when he went giving the command that the family would move to the land that I was giving him though I had not told him where it was there was no question for his word was law.  For men knew that the worship of Abraham was real.  And he would do according to the word of his God.  In this regard he was like Noah.  For I said to Noah, build an Ark and it was done.  This was the way of the patriarchs and the Prophets.  And they did not put houses above my word and they did not put allegiance to kings above my word.”

3 “Worship is worship.  Those who place allegiance to others above allegiance to my word are not worthy of the word.  The word of men is not the word of God.  The word of God is truthful beyond the word of men and so, should two sayings be true and one saying be from God, then that which is from me will have truth beyond the word of men, for with me is the yes and with me is the no.  I am the beginning and the end and what I say is true.”

4 “And you men have come to know what it means to search for the divine.  For with great sincerity of hearts you have searched for me in your search for the divine truth.  And you have come to know what it means to assemble for worship and to prostrate yourself upon the ground.  And words you have not taken lightly.”

5 “Now there have come to be many Prophets in the earth and there are those appointed by men and there are those appointed by God.  And there are those men that have sincerely searched for me and have been given the title Prophet and have spoken with sincerity and have sought to guide others to the truth.  And you have come to know such and while you recognize the patriarchs and you recognize Abraham and the beloved son you also know others who searched for me with truth.  And these ones were like Abraham.  And they sought to teach with truth and sought to teach the divine.  And you men have loved truth.  You have listened to the words of the prophets and the distinction between right and wrong has become important.  And this distinction is from me.”

6 “The Prophets spoke of Elijah and the great day of battle.  And now you must take your humility and make it a great thing.  And now you must take your zeal for worship and make it a great thing.  And you must seek the truth.”

7 “And so you must go back to the words of the prophets who spoke of Elijah and the great day of battle.  And they it was who said that there was a Prophet coming that you should listen to.  And now as you read these words you know that the word of the prophets are truth.  For a prophet searches for the word of truth.  And I observed the prophets even as I observed Abraham and I said to these men that they would be in paradise.  And they will know Abraham.  And if you serve with humility and listen to the words of Elijah then you will meet the prophets and you will meet Abraham but you must humble yourselves in order to receive the blessing.  And now you men must make a distinction between the word of men and false words and between the word of the men and the word of Elijah and between the word of the men and my word.”

8 “And you men know that the prophets maintained that the beloved son was the beloved son.  And you men well know that the beloved prophets went saying that you men should put worship in its place and that you should worship like Abraham and like the patriarchs.  These truths stand.  They are as night and day and they cannot be changed.  And the divine reward is in my hand and the war is coming.  And you men will not do the fighting but will behave peacefully.”

9 “You must be obedient to the 10 Commandments and you must be obedient to the seven pillars of truth and you must learn the rightful place of the beloved son.  This is what the law of the prophet means when he says that the prophet is coming who will direct you people and you must listen to him.  And it will be difficult for some and some will stumble along the way.”

10 “You are a teachable people but you can only be taught by God and not by men.  You have come to know what it means to be dealt with badly by others. You have sought to protect your women from what is wrong and you have sought to establish the way of the patriarch and the rightful place of the family.  You have taken worship and placed it in its rightful place and when the time comes for worship you prostrate ourselves.  And now you must know the direction in which you should pray.  I Jehovah am dwelling above the Earth. When you bow low your thoughts should be above the Earth.  And hear and listen to the words of Elijah.  He is my Prophet even as your Prophets spoke to you.  And you will read these words and they will be different from the words of the men who interpret the word of the prophets. You will know that the men who interpret the word of the prophet, who may be sincere, do not have my word.  You must make a distinction between a word and the word of Elijah and the word of the prophets and you must separate out from the word of men and put these words away for they are not from me.  And you must not overlook the word of God and you must not change your standards to suit the world.”

11 “I am Yahuwah and my word stands.  And if you will search for me with the sincerity of the prophets and if you will search for me with the sincerity of Abraham and if you will serve me as the beloved son then you will know the peace of God.  It was my son who said in wisdom though 33 years of age on the earth “those who take up the sword will die by the sword” and in wisdom these words were given.  I have not countenanced bloodshed.  And if I would not countenance bloodshed but spoke by the beloved son then how could I speak by men and countenance bloodshed.  For the word of Yahuwah it is that says you must not kill.”

12 “For the pure in heart hear the truth and it is like a bell that rings with purity.  And the toll of the bell is pure and resonates and with those that are pure in heart all things are pure.  And now you men must listen to the words of Elijah the prophet and you must search out the seven pillars of truth in the book of Elijah and you must allow the men who come to your door to teach you the truth from the first congregation and you will find that it is similar to the things that you know.  You will find that there is a need for humility.  My spirit will rest upon those who display humility.  And those who humble themselves to the word of Elijah will be blessed.  And as for those who put the word of men above the word of God then you men must know that you have your reward.  Paradise will be taken from you.  The prophets will be there and they will look for you but you will not be there.  And as for those who listen to the words of Elijah and the prophets and who are obedient to my word and then join themselves to the congregations, they will know the prophets and they will sit themselves down with the prophets and with Abraham and they will know happiness and the air will be filled with the joyful cry.”

13 “And there are days coming when the earth will know things too wonderful to describe.  But here I am changing the earth and times and seasons and bringing forth that which is good upon the earth.  And Paradise will take on a new meaning in the minds and hearts of men.  Never again will the woman fear for her life and safety and never again will the child cry out in sadness.  And they will not believe the joy with which they will live.  For it will be as night and day, from this system to the next.  And so come and share in the joy and search out the truth and learn from these things and share the blessing.

[God’s personal name is often miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A]