Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Twenty-Nine

1 “And as for all men I do give my word of Elijah.  And you men must have the law of loving kindness upon your tongue.  And you must refrain from anger.  You must speak with kindness and patience.  You must do according to love.  For this is my way.  And you must behave with love and with principle.  And you must act with kindness in the whole earth.  And to the one in need you must extend what is needed according to the things that are in your hand.  According to what you can do you must do.  And nothing more is expected of you.  You must act with kindness.  And you must do according to the power of your hand to help one another.  For you are family, the sons of Adam.  And I will bless those who seek righteousness and truth and I will pour out the ways of justice and I will bless my people in the time of the end.”

2 “And to Elijah I have given many more things yet I have not told him to write the words in this book.  And in due time he will send forth the word.  But now the book of Elijah is complete.  And you men must listen to the words and know that these are the words of Yahuwah  For I have not changed.  And I am blessing the work.  And I have spoken.  And will you men humble yourselves according to my ways?  And will you act according to the 10 Commandments and the words of the beloved son?  And will you act according to the words of Elijah?  For look, the end is coming quickly.  And you men must know, that I am Yahuwah.”

3 “And it must be that the one who blesses Elijah will receive the blessing.  And it must be that the one who takes the word of Elijah and shares the word will receive a blessing.  And it must be that the one who listens to Elijah and takes to heart the word will receive a blessing.  But this is the time and the end is at hand.  And you men must know that I am Yahuwah and that I have spoken these things.  Therefore bless the work of Elijah.”

4 “And there will be those that seek to discredit the work.  And there will be those that will tell the lie against Elijah.  You men must not believe these things and you men must listen to the word.  And as for those that seek to oppose Elijah and those that frame deceit, you men must know that my judgment is coming quickly. You should read concerning Elijah and Elisha in my word and know that I will not tolerate disrespect to my servants in a time of judgment. For I have chosen Elijah. Disrespect is a sin. And Elijah has suffered and yet I have said enough.”

4 “For here we have arrived at the time of great judgment.  For here I have poured out my spirit upon the work and how could these words be written by any other means than my spirit?  Do you men have wisdom?  Do you have discernment?  Do you have the spirit of Gamaliel?  And so you men should consider your ways and you should exercise humility.  So your word you must put away. And with sincerity of heart you should give attention to the words of Elijah that you may know peace.  And you must look beyond the man and see the word for I have blessed Elijah.  And you men must not take credit for the words of Elijah for the words are from me.  For I have given Elijah his name and I have cleansed him and I have made him holy before me.  And I have blessed Elijah’s name.  And I have given him peace.  And Elijah I have called my friend.”

6 “And here I have put my spirit upon Elijah.  And I have changed him and I have given him strength.  And he will go forth with my strength.  And as for Elijah, he has worked hard.  And I have been pleased with his work.  And men will see the strength of Elijah and will ask ‘what is this?’  For they will recognize my strength.  And I do strengthen him for the work.”

7 “And I have sent forth my invitation into the whole earth to come to feed at the table of Yahuwah.  For the ways of Yahuwah are plain.  I am Yahuwah and I am God.  And I sent forth my messenger into the whole earth.  And the work is great and the time is short.”

8 “Here now you have my invitation to learn from the first congregations.  And I have counseled the first congregation according to its ways.  And I bless the first congregation according to its zeal.  And I sent forth my invitation before the coming of the great and fear inspiring day of decision.  And in due time the son will arrive.  The work will continue through and beyond.  Therefore share in the joy and in the peace.  And when you turn your attention to me and pray I will listen to you and I will send forth my messenger who will bring you a message of peace and you must listen.”

9 “And the prophecies, even the many prophecies will come true.  And you men will see the ways of Yahuwah and you men will see great things in the earth.  And there will be many that will choose to go their own way.  That is their choice. Their life is upon their own head.  And now see the end is at hand.  And I do direct the time of the end.  And will you men demonstrate humility?  I will pour out my blessing and you men will know the distinction between the men who have served me and those whose name will never be in the book of life.”

10 “And as for the one in need I have heard to cry.  And as for the one who is homeless I have listened.  And as for those in pain I have heard.  And as for those who have grown weary and whose spirit has almost been extinguished I have listened.  And as for those who were searching for me and who have called out to me you men should know that I am a God exercising loving-kindness and that I have heard.”

11 “And here now the time is short before the end and I am bringing in a new heavens and a new earth.  And as for the former things, here I have said, they will not be called to mind.  For the new heavens and the new earth are established according to the ways of Yahuwah.  For loving-kindness and truth will be the way.  And many there will be at that time that will cry out with such joy and such gladness and they will come and call to me and I will treat them as children even the blessed children of God. “

12 “And peace will fill the earth as the oceans cover the earth today and there will no more be war on the face of the earth.  And men will speak of implements of war and there will be those alive at that time that will not know these words for it will be strange to them and they will not comprehend.  And there will be peace upon the earth and the beloved son will hold an honored place among all mankind even forever.  And the beloved son will do these things as he goes forth with my power for the beloved son understands the ways of the sovereignty.  And as for those without a home, they will come to have a home.  And as for those who have grown weary, they will know strength.  And as for those whose spirit has almost been extinguished they will never know this way again.  And as for those in need these ones will not know need any more for upon the earth there will be an overflow and there will be the sharing of good things.  And as for those in pain this will not continue but they will come to know the strength of the life in the days of goodness.  And here I Yahuwah am dwelling above the Earth and I have heard and I have seen.  And I have said “it is enough. This time is ended.”

13 “But you must exercise faith and you must return to the ways of Yahuwah that you may receive a blessing.  And you men must take the word of Elijah into all the earth and I will bless those that take the word into all the earth.  And you must treat it as the word of Yahuwah for this is what it is, My word. I am Yahuwah.”