Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Twenty-Four

1 And the word of Yahuwah occurred again saying “hear now my word to those who are not part of the five congregations.  And here I must speak plainly to you that you men must know the word of Yahuwah.  For the name of Yahuwah will be known in all the earth before the end comes.  And the congregation will preach it and those of the congregations will join them and Elijah the prophet has sent forth my word into the land.”

2 “In that time following the work of Noah there was a man called Nimrod.  Nimrod was in opposition to me for he was concerned with the history of the land before the Flood.  And the great stories he turned into parables and he honored those whom I had destroyed in the flood.  And he honored those who had left the earth at the time of the flood even the sons of the true God who I had placed in confined places.”

3 “And he went establishing for himself a fine home and there were many who listened to his words and came from great distances to hear the things that he would say.  And in time they began to build for themselves a city so that they said that Nimrod was the builder though in fact he was the storyteller and he was a hunter and he was a slanderer and he was the first to hunt men on a great scale for sport.  And so they went building the city and they went establishing the place and the place was for storytellers and even as men listened to Nimrod so many went telling stories of the time before the flood.  And they honored those whom I had condemned and they went calling them gods.  And they went even speaking of many gods and so that there was a great confusion in the city.”

4 “And this thing was offensive to me and so I looked on in my distaste and I went looking at the confusion and I went saying to myself, “here now I will cause confusion” and so I sent forth my spirit and I changed their spirit within them.  And in the morning when they began to speak to one another then, they did not understand and there was great confusion.  And so I confused the languages of men and they went going for themselves in many directions.  And some went a short distance and others went a long-distance.  And some were so concerned by the things that they went to the sea and they were building vessels for themselves and they went sailing over great distances and establishing for themselves new cities in distant lands.  And they called the name of the city of Nimrod Babylon.  And there they continued to tell the stories of the time before the flood.  And so I said to Noah ‘rise up and you must slay this one.’  And so Noah went taking with him 200 men of his household along with his family and they sought out Nimrod and they put him to death.”

5 “And the earth came to be populated and where men had taken the stories of Nimrod so the stories of Nimrod flourished and they went calling it religion.  And they were worshiping the very ones whom I had abased.  And so great churches began to appear in the earth and men began to believe many things.  And many religions appeared on the face of the earth.  And some went teaching one thing while still others went teaching another.  And there was great confusion in the earth.  And in Egypt there was great confusion and they had many gods.  And here now I went challenging the gods of Egypt at the time of Moses.  And I humiliated every god of Egypt and finally I humiliated Pharaoh.”

6 “And I went establishing the truth.  And in the 10 words that I gave to Moses I made it plain.  And to the sons of Abraham I did establish the truth and down to the time of the beloved son.  When the beloved son walked the earth they called his name Jesus, just as I had commanded it.  And he explained clearly the truth.  And after the son sat down at my right hand confusion began to reign upon the earth.  So that on the one hand there were the congregations that were worshiping according to spirit and truth and on the other hand there were congregations telling the stories of Nimrod once again.  And in time the truth became mingled with so much confusion that it was impossible for men to see clearly and plainly.”

7 “And they went taking the book of mine and they went keeping it secret.  And some would keep it in a language that was hidden from the tongue of the people.  And many there were that when forth and tried to burn the book and destroy the book.  And after this had been for a little while I stretched out my hand and I restored the book.  And the time of the end was approaching quickly and it was necessary for all men to hear the word.  And so it was possible for men to read my book in truth.  And today it is possible to read my words in every corner of the earth.  And my son directs the truth into all the earth.  And today there is the tiniest glimmer of truth. For today is the day of small things. But this day is ending and soon a great day will begin.”

8 “And here now the work of the son is blessed and the work of advertising truth is blessed and there is a restoring of truth.  And now you men must understand that wherever there is a teaching of Nimrod my distaste remains.  And on account of the sayings of Nimrod judgment will start first with those in the churches of Nimrod.   For I speak plainly.  And there is no confusion with me.  The words of Yahuwah are plain.”

9 “And the works of the father and the works of the son are joined.  On two mountains were the words given plainly.  Moses ascended the mountain and I gave to him these 10 Commandments of mine.  And these 10 Commandments were given to Moses for the sons of Abraham.  And yet at the base of the mountain there were with the sons of Abraham a larger group from Egypt.  So that the 10 Commandments were given not just to the sons of Abraham, but were given to all mankind.  And so the words from the mountain are plain and the 10 commandments are also.  And the beloved son when on earth sat upon a mount and went giving a speech.  And the speech has been called a sermon.  The Sermon on the Mount.  And so the two are one.”

10 “The 10 Commandments and the sermon on the Mount are for all mankind.  So that while men become content to argue over words and argue over history and are content to sit at tables and debate, there remain yet in my word the simple things.  The 10 Commandments and the sermon.  Only is the Sabbath for the future for the world will yet see a great Sabbath. For I am bringing a great Sabbath upon the earth. You must give attention to these two things.  And you must turn your ways to these things.  But these things make plain the words of Jehovah.  And will you humble yourselves?  And will you accept the truth just as it is my word?”

11 “So here now you must search out the truth.  And you must abandon the ways of Nimrod and you must not honor those who I debase.  For I sent forth my flood and at the flood I destroyed the world of mankind and I will not have this again.”

12 “And now you must separate yourselves from these things.  And you must join yourselves to the truth. Where Elijah is honored there you should be.   You must abandon the ways of falsehood.  And you must behave with humility.  And the men of the congregations that listens to Elijah will bring good news.   And they will bring plainly the teaching.  And when they will say to you ‘do you want to know?’  You must reply yes.  And you must learn the ways of the truth.  And the 10 commandments must become the 10 Commandments in your life and the sermon must guide the way that you live and the way you treat your fellow man.  And if you are obedient to these things you will be rock solid even as the beloved son said.”

13 “As for those who continue to live in the house of Nimrod here I have appointed for you the executioner.  Even as I spoke to Noah that he should execute Nimrod so I have spoken to the beloved son of my purpose.  And there will be those among the sons of mankind that will act in accordance with the will of Yahuwah.  And there will be those that will look at the great works of art and the great works of the great buildings and will look admiringly.  But there will those will be those that know the will of Yahuwah and will act accordingly.  So here I am Yahuwah and I have caused these things and I have put my word in the earth and you must humble yourselves.”

[God’s personal name is often miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A]