Elijah The Last Days Prophecies Chapter Twenty-Five

1 “The ways of men and the ways of God are distinguished by this thing.  The ways of God are simple and direct even as the son spoke to the disciples.  He was speaking in simple words and simple ways and the words were simple and were not embellished.  The truth is bright and clean.  But the ways of men are different.  Then he seeks to take the words of God and to embellish them and change them.  And the one will embellish them with gold and the other with writings.  Another will speak of angels.  Another will have a vision and will claim gifts.  But the ways of God are simple and are not like this and there is no need to embellish the word of God.  And thus I have my servants like Abraham and he did not seek to embellish.  My servant Jacob saw the ladder ascending and descending and he did not embellish the tale for it was a simple vision.  The prophet Daniel when he spoke of the things that I gave him he did not embellish these things, but left them as they were and spoke plainly though he spoke to a great king.  And as for my servant Moses who stood before Pharaoh he spoke plainly and he did not embellish.”

2 “For men will take a small seed of truth and they will surround it with great stone buildings and they will speak of gold. Three times did I perform miracles through my servants.  The first was with Moses and in that time I was content with a tent a tabernacle.  Secondly I performed miracles by the Prophets and in that time the prophets dwelt in plain houses and were known by my word.  Finally I spoke by my son and I did not give him a home in which to sleep but that supplied by his apostles and disciples.  He did not wear a special garment nor assume a special title but he was a beloved son nonetheless.”

3 “And this is a difference between the ways of men and the ways of God.  A simple word is a simple truth but when it is embellished it becomes a lie.  A yes may be a yes and a no a no.  These things are simple and plain.  When you embellish it you take away its truth.  And now accept the word of Elijah as it truthfully is, the plain word of God.  And there will be men that will come and seek to interpret them to embellish the words of Elijah.  Mark yourselves for the time judgment has arrived and these words should not be embellished or changed for they are my words spoken through the prophet and not one word should be removed.  And you must not go to Elijah and ask him what this means as if searching for a hidden meaning.  For the words are plain.  And if you speak to Elijah he will quote the word and you will be frustrated.  So do not embellish.”

4 “If you would do anything at all you must be like the ravens that came to Elijah the prophet at the time of Jezebel.  But just as the ravens cared for Elijah and were blessed so those who care for my servant Elijah will be blessed.  If you give him food you have my blessing if you give him water you have my blessing if you care for him and clothe him and allow him to travel with the word of blessing and support him and you listen to him as he reads the words then you have my blessing.  And Elijah has been shown in prophecy that he will teach many lessons and the lessons will be written by me and he will speak and many will listen.  And those who behave as the ravens and support this work and provide him with their means will be blessed and if no one on the earth rises up as a raven then I Jehovah will appoint a raven that will support him.  Listen and mark well the word of Jehovah. 

B5 ut I will appoint many in the earth and they will support my servant Elijah. The word will go forth and the congregation will work and there will be many sincere ones of all the congregations who will come and support the great work. Those who support the great congregation will do a great work and the work will be accomplished.  The world will know the book of Elijah and the world will know that I have sent forth Elijah and the world will know the name of Jehovah. Then the end will come for the son will arrive. “