Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Twenty-Eight

1 “And to the first congregations I speak plainly.  You men must not be self-righteous or haughty.  And you have been blessed with some insight and understanding but not all of your ways are correct.  And you must humble yourselves according to the words of Elijah.  But you have sought to condemn and indeed you have poured out condemnation.  And you have taken the role of angels and you have given condemnation where you ought not.  And as for me, condemnation and vengeance belongs to me.  And as for you there are the ways of loving-kindness and you must demonstrate loving-kindness.  And all men must observe the way in which you minister in a loving and kind way and share the meaning of the word.”

2 “And as for you, you must be as the beloved son.  But the beloved son had authority in the earth and when he went condemning he did according to my way.  And I have not given this authority to you.  I have given this authority to the son.  To him I had given the sword and the bow.  To you I have given my word.  And so you men must behave with love and kindness.  And you are not judges in the earth. And as for judgment, today it rests with me.  But you must minister in love.  For love and kindness must be your way.  And generosity of heart must be in your words.  And as for the beloved son he acted with tenderness and kindness.  And there were many who came to him and he opened his arms and welcomed them.”

3 “But this was not sentiment but was with love and principle.  So he was kind.  Where firmness was called for he spoke in firmness but it was always with kindness even in the rebuke. For with sentiment he was not blinded but with love he was guided.  And therefore it must be this way in the first congregations.”

4 “And so you must humble yourselves according to the words of Elijah.  You must not take the role of angels and you must not condemn.  For I will repay according to the blood of those who have been killed in my name.  Vengeance is mine, I have not changed.  And you men must humble yourselves and must repent.  For it must be that you take the word of Elijah as the men took the words of Nehemiah.  When Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem he saw the work was started but the work was not proceeding according to my way and he corrected the way and I blessed his work.”

5 “And so with the coming of the book of Elijah you must repent. And you should collectively repent and go forward in strength. It should be for a time and then you should go forward. And you must recognize about these things that all men are wicked.  That all men behave with badness.  That all men are liars.  And that even when men seek to do all things well they will many times stumble.  You must not wonder at my dealings with imperfect men.  These days are as the dealings of a father with a son.  And I will restore perfection and you men will come to know righteousness fully but you cannot know righteousness fully now for that is not the way of men in these last days.”

6 “For just as the sons of Israel in Egypt knew my ways in a small way and so until now there has been the day of small things.  And in my time I gave through Moses my word and men came to know more and as they lived and served so they came to know my ways.  And so it must be in the days ahead.  A great preaching work has been done according to my will but not with accuracy, and this will now change.  And you are indeed the first congregations in the earth. I have blessed you and there are many who have carried my name in righteousness.”

7 “There are many things yet that must be changed.  And there is a great work to be done.  You men cannot say that all things are known to you.  And it was with a presumptuous spirit that you men behaved but the intent was good.  And I have blessed you in your sincerity.  And I have seen the good things that you men have done.  But it was the day of small things and you did not discern this.  But now I have poured out my spirit upon Elijah.  You men must humble yourselves according to the word.  And you men may wonder as to why the work of Elijah is something separate.  You men must know that Elijah has been appointed by me and not according to your word.  So that I am Jehovah.  And my ways are adjusted correctly.  And so Elijah has my authority because I have appointed him and he does according to my will.  And you men must be obedient to the word of Elijah.”

8 “For just as I have withheld the understanding of prophecy these 20 years until the coming of Elijah so I have also poured out my spirit upon work of preparedness.  And refining has proceeded.  And now finally the number is complete.  And so the word must go to the conclusion.  And here now you men have been saying that the end is coming.  And now you must know these words are truth with the coming of Elijah so the work is reaching its finality.  This was the sign for you men that you must see.  With the words of Elijah the prophet you must concern yourself and know my approval.”

9 “And according to the prophecy of Elijah there will be a cry of peace and security in a time.  It is yet for the appointed time but first the change must be complete.  And you must know that the number is mine and not yours.  And the number is a great number. These are the ones who cast their crowns down. And you men must humble yourselves before the word and must recognize that you are not to judge.  And father you must return to son.  A mother must be reconciled with a daughter.  And husband must love his wife and wife must love her husband.  And the family you must give its proper place.  In this you can learn much.”

10 “And there should be a coming together as in the days of Nehemiah.  And there should be a time of repentance and adjustment.  And with a new spirit you should go forth but you should know that though there is a great work, the time is short.  For I Yahuwah am saying that the time is short.  And this time the work will come to a completion according to the words of Elijah.”

11 “And you must keep the congregation clean.  And the word must go forth through the congregation through the overseers.  And you must look at the work that you give them and you must change the work according to the way of my word.  You must not give them great tasks.  But they must devote themselves to the teaching work.  For this work is a great work and there is much yet to be done.  The days will move quickly and you must act quickly and as you move you will have my blessing.  The end is coming quickly.  And as for those who are not obedient to the word you must not remove them from the congregation.  They may not preach for they are not clean.  And yet you must invite them to the meeting. You should not eat with them but you should seek to restore them. For if they attend they can be readjusted. Then as they listen to the words they may repent of their bad ways. But is they bring falsehood you must cast them outside. This is no longer the day of small things.”

12 “And all those who have left the congregation must be told that the time has arrived.  And here now you must go to all those who are without faith.  And all those who know the word you must reach.  You must tell them of the words of Elijah.  And they must take their place in the congregation.”

13 “And there are many who have been stumbled along the way and for some there has been a cause and for others, these have stumbled themselves.  For the work of condemnation was not yours to do and weakness is not a cause for judgment.”

14 “And you must go and you must make this correct and you must express your love for them. And as for those who had been stumbled along the way the responsibility is their own.  They must take responsibility for their life. For loyalty was what was looked for and it was not their place to judge even in a day of small things.  And if they discern the day of small things and they wish to return they may do so.  And they should be given a place in the congregation.  But if they do not discern the day of small things their life is upon their own head.  They have decided it and that is their way.  And you must use the word of Elijah and you must listen to these things and you must be obedient and the congregations must become full.  But in time I will give my word to Elijah and you men will know what to do according to his words at the end.”

15 “You men must institute the seven pillars.  And you men must study the 10 words and the sermon. Only the Sabbath must remain for the future time.  And it should be that when coming into the congregation men see the way that you behave towards each other and they perceive that this thing is real.  And the congregation must become something bright.  And there must be the sound of joy and happiness.  And so it will be on the day of Jehovah.  And into all the earth there will be joy at Paradise restored.”

16 “And to the first congregations I say this.  Gather yourselves together on the one day for meetings.  And it should be a day when you gather yourselves together.  And you should gather together and you should meet together and you should instruct in spiritual matters. It should be a day of joyful things.  And when matters need correction you should do so. And you should remove the leaven even as you have done so. You must exercise love and not sentiment. The one sick in spirit should be made welcome and one who is lowly you must bless.”

17 “But the one sinning should attend the meetings that they may be moved to sorrow and repent. As for the rest of these things are they not in the word? Only take care not to go beyond the things written. Keep the congregation clean! And as for the other days you should gather together as families and enjoy association.  But let there be a singing of praises and the sharing of joy.  And let the preaching work become the primary work until the change and then you must advertise the word.  And I will bring in the resources of the earth for the work.  And you will see how the resources of the earth will come in and you will sing praises as the earth resounds with those serving me.”

18 “For now you will understand what I said when I went saying through the prophet ‘I am rocking the nation’s and bringing the desirable things into my house’ for I went saying that I would rock the nation’s.  And I am doing so through the work of Elijah.  And as for you men you must go and you must gather into my house all the desirable things.  And will you humble yourselves according to the work?  And will you display the wisdom of Gamaliel?  Indeed you will humble yourselves for my spirit is upon you. Go forth and tell the word of Jehovah my people.”

19 “For here I have blessed you and I have spoken specifically to you through the prophet Elijah.  What greater reason for joy exists today!  Here I have poured out my blessing upon you and I place my mark upon you in front of all mankind.”

20 “You are marked as my servant even as my faithful one.  Rejoice and be strengthened.  For I do appoint you as the congregation and the work of the dragnet will be complete and I do send forth the angels to gather out of all mankind those that do serve according to the way of Yahuwah. For when the son appears all things will be plain and a great work will commence.”

21 “And there are many who will behave as the Queen of Sheba for they will discern the truth and the wisdom in my word.  Upon these ones I have stored up a great blessing and I will give my blessing even my spirit.  For with humility did the Queen of Sheba come forth with great riches to pronounce a blessing upon Solomon and yet she was the one blessed.  And Solomon was bringing forth great knowledge and wisdom.  And as for the Queen of Sheba she did return to her land with great wisdom for she recognized My spirit. And now something greater is here and yet it is different. And will you know it? Will you gather to Elijah and listen? The shepherd has spoken.”