Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Twelve

1 “And in the days before the flood the earth was divided into ten parts and of the ten parts nine were above the waters and one part was below the waters.  But there were great rivers and seas and the cycles of the Earth were perfect.  Then everything was green and in no place was their desert.  By my word the earth at that time was brought to ruin and the great water canopy fell to the earth and Noah and his family survived by my word.  And all the productive land did the flood waters cover and so there was no food and so the world of that time was cleansed. And three parts of the earth I placed above the water and seven parts of the earth I placed below the water so that the water remained on the earth and I opened great wells in the ground and into these I placed water that there may still be some productive land upon the earth.  And I went taking some of the land and placed it under the ice that men may not dwell there so that it was in the center of the earth that men would dwell and there was great upheaval and change and finally the earth subdued and so it has been since the days of Noah.”

2 “And here I have commenced a trembling and a tremor I have placed in the Earth.  And in the depths of the earth I have created a tremor.  By this tremor I am changing the earth again.”

3 “The portion of land that is above the waters I have numbered once more and one of these portions I am placing beneath the waters.  And kingdoms of the sea there are that will cease to be.  And there are places by the sea that will cease to exist so that men who had been saying ‘Let us go down to the sea!’  Will no more be saying this for the coast will have passed into the sea.  And they will commence re-drawing the plans of the Earth and those working at the charts will redraw them for the sea will have changed and the coastlines for some will be unrecognizable because a tremor I have put in place in the earth. I am changing the earth and this is my sign that I am shaking the earth.”

4 “For the sea you had treated with disrespect and the cleansing oceans you have used as killing grounds and now they do turn on you and now they do kill you as recompense for the pain that you have caused.  And as for those people who have wrought badness in the sea and have thought nothing of using them as a killing ground, here vengeance is coming to you and will it be of no consequence?”

5 “And the wise men of the Earth will be saying that this was caused here or this was caused there and yet the facts that they have will prove to be invalid, for here they will find that there is a tremor in the earth and the tremor has caused these things and I Yahuwah have caused the tremor.  And there will be a sitting at tables and men will come up with all sorts of sayings for they will have to have a story that they may continue to appear wise in the eyes of men. For yet there are men that will see these things and know that this was caused by Yahuwah and they will read the words of the prophet and they will know the meaning of these things.  And there will be those that put faith in the words of men and there will be those that put faith in the words of God.”

6 “And as they observe these things and as they sit at the tables and debate they will hear strange stories.  For they will hear of ships that sailed in search of food and when they put down their nets the food will not be there, for the fish will have gone elsewhere.  And there will be strange stories of birds nesting where they ought not to nest.  And they will hear of animals that are moving to different parts of the earth.  And they will observe the migration of great sea creatures when they migrate and yet they will not go to the place that they ought according to the ways of many generations and they will go to new places and in new directions will they go.  And men will go to the rivers and they will look and they will observe and say ‘look what is this?’  And on the faces of children there will be pleasure but the parents will be worried for they will know that what they are seeing should not be.  And they will ask ‘who put this wisdom in this creature that it now does this?’”

7 “And there will be those that realize that I Yahuwah am the one that directs the wisdom of the earth.  There will be those that know that I am the one changing times and seasons.  But this will be the beginning of things.  For even as men begin to adjust to this change the sea animals themselves will change.  For just as I put fear into the animal that it would fear the man so I will take away the fear and will put in the fight.  And in the sea men will come to their ruin for the sea will have recompense and those in the sea will have recompense because the sea has been a place of slaughter and so the sea itself will have its revenge and those within it will war with men.”

8 “And there will be great fear in the earth and men will say that it is a sign.  And in this they will be correct.  Will they put faith in me?”

[God’s personal name is often miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A]