Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Three

1 “And Elijah went saying to Me, ‘there are so many different things that are said about you by different religions.’  And I could see that Elijah had a sad look on his face, and so I went saying “ask questions and I will answer you.”  Elijah said to Me, ‘there are so many different conflicting views on so many different conflicting subjects.  It’s hard to know where to begin.’  And I replied “here I am talking to you as talking to a son and I will answer your questions the way a father does a son.  Here now ask your questions and I will answer them.”

2 “And Elijah asked, ‘Are you restoring mankind soon? Who is the devil?  And how is it that the world is such a divided place? And when will the end come?’”

3 And the word of Yahuwah [Often Miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A] came to Elijah and said “some of these things you already know but I will reply to you in detail that you may now begin to understand all things.”

4 “In the beginning I was Yahuwah alone.  In time I created a son and he was created like me.  Into him I put the essence of everything good and into him I placed life and so he came to be beside me.  He was like me but different and I grew to love him very much.  In time we chose to create others and so we brought forth the sons of God and brought forth the stars and the heavens and finally the earth of mankind.  The angels we created first.  These it were that shouted out in applause at the creation of the earth and even louder applause with the creation of man.”

5 “All the time I worked beside my son and he beside me and he was a master worker.  Though he took great delight in the creation of the heavens and the angels, it was especially with men that he took the most pleasure.  Another son of mine an angel that we had created was a cherub.  He it was who worked alongside us in the garden that I planted.  The garden was beautiful and he did a good job in working with us in the planting of a garden.  And so it was then that at the allotted time life was breathed into man and Adam sat up.  At first Adam was a little confused as I spoke to him the words ‘you Adam are man.  I have created you and given you life.  This is your home and I have called its name Eden.’  And Adam knew peace and found rest in his new home.  And it was with inquisitiveness and joy that Adam went forth.”

6 “This cherub was present when I spoke these words through my begotten son.  And so it was that each day when I came to Adam to speak to him through my son, this cherub was watching.  But he had helped with the creation of Eden and this was his pride.  All creation looked on and applauded even him with the beauty of the work.  And in that applause thought stirred in the mind of this cherub and his thinking turned to evil.”

7 “After some time Adam having approached maturity, became anxious for a companion.  And so after placing him in a deep sleep I took part of him and from this piece created woman.  And in restoring Adam I placed within him the desire for the woman, and in the woman I placed the desire for the man.  And when I brought the woman to the man, Adam spoke beautiful poetry and they came together as man and wife.  And as for Eve, she was very beautiful.  And Adam came to love her very much and they fell in love.  And he found companionship for his soul.  And as for Eve she went forth with inquisitiveness and great interest in to the Paradise. And to them I gave my word even my commission. That they should extend paradise over the earth and exercise dominion. And they took up the assignment with joy.”

8 “And it came to pass that I placed in the garden of Eden a tree about which I said they could not touch it for on the day they ate its fruit they would become as all flesh. This was the place of decision. To me they would come and ask and I would answer them. Here was the yes and the no. Then I placed also in the garden a second tree; this was the tree of life.  In due time as they proved themselves ready they would eat from the tree of life and thus know that they shared the life of the angels, life in abundance.”

9 “For I am a father, and what father does not want what is best for the children.  And as for a father he must show to his children what is safe and what is not safe.  And here I set the limit upon the man and upon the woman.  And life I set before them.  And the life I speak of is real-life. But this life they never tasted.”

10 “This cherub desired the worship of mankind.  He had taken possession, in his mind, of Eden and now would take possession of its inhabitants.  And so Adam and Eve chose rebellion and independence from me. Yes they would fulfill their commission and they would do so without their father. For this was the way that they chose. And at the allotted time the work would be complete. And so a time as set and the challenge began. And so they followed the evil one. Even the way of the fallen cherub. And as for the man, to him there is the blood guilt for he had yet to pass on life to an offspring.  And as for his offspring they are all dead in Adam.  For in that day they died.  They and all their offspring would know what it was like to live independent of me.  Eden was not to be their home but rather they would live in the world and bring forth children who would live for a short while and then die.”

11 “They chose not the tree of life but the course leading to death.  And thus the power of sin was born and mankind came under it.”

12 “And this cherub became called Satan and Devil for he was a slanderer and resistor of mine.  And the beloved son who took great pride in the creation of man turned to me.  And I said to him; the purpose is in place and you it will be to act on our behalf to set matters right.  And I came to Adam and Eve and spoke to them and said that there would be great enmity between Satan and my angels and between his children on earth and my son in heaven.  In time I would prove before all mankind and before all those intent on truth that the worship of Satan and the way of Satan could bring only misery.  I would prove that a perfect man could live perfectly on the earth and thus could receive the right of adoption and therefore adopt the children of Adam as his.  But I would grant this one the right to rule and give life and thus instead of a tree of life there would become a son of life and this one having lived and died perfectly would hold by my authority the right to pass on perfect life to children of Adam.  Those that my son treasured in humankind would become something that he cared for and protected and restored.”

13 “In the meantime this beautiful cherub began to conspire with other angels and so he formed a heavenly arrangement of angels.  For rulership over the earth was what they sought.  Satan became only one of many.  And thus Satan has led the rebellion against the heavens.  He it was who led the sons of God to earth in the days before the flood of Noah.  He it was that encouraged Nimrod to become a mighty hunter in opposition to me, even hunting men.  He it was that promoted conquests on earth and had I not placed limits upon him he would have destroyed mankind in great warfare. And perfection he has hidden.” 

14 “This cherub was involved in the planting of Eden, the beautiful garden.  But when he saw that it was not for him but for my son that he was working his thoughts were only of his own praise.  Thus if he could not have what he had no right to, then he was determined to destroy it so that my son would not enjoy it.”

15 “And thus mankind displays the traits of Satan.  Even as fathers pass to sons themselves, so has Satan passed of his earthly son his characteristic personality.  And on the earth there are nations and kingdoms and there are divisions.  It is the way with the fallen and it is the way with the earth.”

16 “For they do the work of their father.  The lie they elevate and they do not blush when they lie. Violence is in their hearts and they are saying ‘this is fun and we enjoy this, let us make sport.’  And even the leaders of men see nothing wrong with violence and that which is lewd.  And mankind is entertained with what is hurtful and gives little thought to his fellow man.  The lowly one and the one of little means they trample on for they are like their father by adoption, like Satan. And their value they calculate according to the possessions in their hands and they do not value life and health but value gold and minerals.  And so they seek vanity and landed estates and the power within their hand.”

17 “And when the children cry out at the loss of their parents, I am here and I listen.  And where men of little means are trampled on, I am here and I listen.  And when the poor one cries out for food and for water and the haughty one goes passing by, it is I who observe.  And into all the earth the spirit of Jehovah has gone forth and I have seen and I have judged.  For yet a little while longer and these things will not be.  You will talk of these things and men will not believe it.  They will say ‘surely it cannot have been that bad.’  And you will know and I will know that as Sodom and Gomorrah the earth has become.  And so the judgment of Jehovah [more accurately translated and spoken as Yahuway [Ya-Hu-Way] is not moving slowly for such ones.  The day of judgment I have set and who can stop it. And yet I am a father. And all who turn to me on that day when all things are clear I will save. For I will not destroy even one who can be saved.”

18 “As the creator of heaven and earth I set in place a hope for mankind.  I removed the tree of life from the Garden of Eden and in due time gave my son life in himself.  He proved faithful to death on earth just as I foretold through the prophet Isaiah.  Having reached maturity he became as Adam.  And now having life, he can impart to the sons of Adam life in abundance.  Eden will be restored and once again mankind will have the opportunity to choose life.  And as for the cherub who so disregarded sacred things as to turn away and lead a rebellion of man on earth, this then is its punishment.  Here on the earth he has caused misery and despair.  Now his time is passing before me and in my day I will bring forth the conclusion of all things on earth that have belonged to him.  Man will be given a choice whether to accept the blessing or go with Satan.  The choice is being promulgated in all the earth. When the son arrives and all the angels with him then he will speak plainly. And Armageddon will be in place, the yes and the no, the place of decision. And do not make the error of Adam.”

19 “For the time will come when no more will men speak of Satan the devil but rather they will speak only of my son and of the beautiful earth in which they live.  And I will change the name of their home.  In place of a tree of life I do give my son with life in himself and he will give life in abundance to those of mankind to choose the way.  For as a young sapling he is and life he gives according to the reward that is in his hand.”