Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Thirteen

1 “And here I’m giving you a second prophecy Elijah.  Write down the words faithfully.  For a great sign is occurring in the earth just as the beloved son gave the Apostles.  The final part of these things I am sharing with you.”

“2 And there will be a populous land and there will be a leader that is appointed in the land.  And though he will be appointed he will come to have the power of the king.  It will be as the kings who ruled in Babylon and the kings who ruled in Assyria.  He will have great power.  And the people will obey him as a king.  And where they do not obey him he will use force and his armies he will place on the streets and men will fear him.  And with great madness he will be afflicted and people of the Earth will speak disparagingly of him and even leaders will refuse to deal with him.  And the result of this will be great sadness and great loss.  And no one will lift a hand to stop him and he will do just as he will. And some of my people will be stumbled by these things for they will assign to him a position he does not have but those that have insight will be guided by my word.”

3 “And there are great cities.  Some of the cities are in the north and one of the cities in the south.  And these cities are alike.  And there is great commerce in the cities and men wish to visit the cities.  And in the centers of the city’s men wager great amounts of money.  And they drink to excess, and they are boisterous and use women as sport.  And they call it a good time and yet it is not something good.  And the great King will cause sadness in these cities.  And men will sit and gaze without comprehension.  But they will not believe the stories that they hear and they will not believe that someone could do according to this thing.  The cities will be devastated and their names will be spoken in hushed tones and they will know that they must deal with this great King and they must put a stop to his work.” 

4 “And men of the Earth will band together to fight the great King.  But when they come he will be gone.  His life will be forfeit and will be taken by one of his own trusted associates.  And men will realize that they can no more behave as they have in times gone by and they will come and give their authority to that which they trust the most.”

5 “Then they will confer greater authority to an image of themselves.  Let the one that knows these things explain them. For to the sons of the kingdom I have given the understanding. And by this authority the world will be ruled and this authority will march into places and will address the problems of the Earth.  There will have been so much upheaval that they will not be prepared to leave things as they have been.  And should men question this the words will be quickly thrust aside with the mention of the cities.  And men will even say ‘we used to say that was bad’ for it will be different.”

6 “And they have not taken to heart my word when I said that man dominates man to his injury.  And so they will give their authority to this image and this image will exercise control in the whole earth.”

7 “And only a few will stand against the image and they will do things their own way and they will prosper and not with the success of those who have the mark of the wild beast.  They will exercise authority in a peculiar way and they will turn their attention to the earth and from a grand position they will examine the problems of the earth and they will recognize the great falsehood that has been promulgated in the earth and they will turn their attention to those that dwell in lofty buildings and claim to be servants of mine.”

8 “And they will consider the wealth and they will consider the prestige and they will quickly turn aside from these things until the time that I have ordained.  And as for those practicing what is hurtful in my name they will become nervous that they will realize that they had been given a warning and they will realize that their time is short.  And those sincere ones among them will go searching for my word and they will find the book of Elijah and they will put faith in these things and they will turn aside from their ways.”

9 “But as for those who stay in these things and do not turn aside from their ways that is where they will be when the image turns.  And there is where they will be and there they will be gone for there will be destruction and those that are practicing falsehood with my name and storing of great wealth for themselves in my name that they may selfishly dominate over people, will be brought to ruin.”