Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Ten

1 And the word of Yahuwah occurred another time saying “write this knowledge, the seventh pillar of truth, for here I do present to you and give my final truth that will set apart from all mankind those that serve me.  And I open the way for all mankind to come and serve me faithfully.  Hearing your word and giving attention they will know how to survive the great and fear inspiring day of Yahuwah and I will not proceed until all men know these words.  But when these words are known I will proceed and who can stop it?  And men must pray and humble themselves before me that they may survive in that day and they may do according to the words contained in the great book and in the word of Elijah.  For the words of the great book were written as men were borne along by holy spirit and the words of the book of Elijah were written as the prophet Elijah was borne along by holy spirit.  “

2 “And now write these things.  At 30 years of age my son, the beloved one commenced his ministry.  And he went saying ‘the kingdom of God has drawn near.  The kingdom of the heavens has drawn near.’  When he spoke of a kingdom then people knew that he was speaking of my arrangement.  For I purposed the kingdom.”

3 “Even in the Garden of Eden when I spoke to Adam and Eve they knew that I spoke of a purpose.  The kingdom is my arrangement for restoring mankind and will include some of the sons of mankind in the kingdom arrangement.  This is part of my sacred secret that I now declare openly before all mankind.  This is my arrangement for restoring paradise in my due time.”

4 “Just as my son had been involved in working in heaven and in working in Eden so my son would be involved in restoring Eden.”

5 “And I appointed a few from among mankind to work with him.  And I have selected these from among the sons of mankind from the time of the pouring out of the blood of my son.  I do speak plainly of these things for the time of confusion is passed and the end draws near. With the death of my son I said ‘now I can bring from the earth those that will work with my son in the kingdom’ and I did so. And these men and women I do constitute a kingdom with my son.  And they do stand beside me here in the heavens.  But their work is for the earth and they do work with my son over the earth.  And they do serve beside me and they will work to restore Eden. And they are few. For to my son I gave all authority and all the angels are beside him so that his kingdom need be small. My purpose for the earth has not changed.”

6 “And in the resurrection will the kingdom arrangement take part and the earth will certainly be restored to that which it would have been and that which I purposed.  And as for the Cherub in Eden who so rebelliously turned aside, he will not see this for he will be abyssed.  And my son will put him in the abyss, he alone. For those who went with him will know Armageddon and will be no more.”

7 “And in the resurrection men will see for themselves the Paradise earth.  And for the many, no more will they go back to their old ways for new ways will they know.  And they will know what it means to have the peace of God.  But now know this that with the death of my son he did provide the arrangement for life for more than the kingdom.”

8 “And it came about this way that on the night of his death my son gave a new arrangement.”

9 “On that night he commemorated the Passover with the apostles in the upper room.  And after dismissing Judas he instituted something new.”

10 “For Judas was not part of this for he was not to be part of the kingdom, he having been taken by the false cherub.  But the Passover he commemorated though there was hypocrisy in his heart. “

11 “And it was in this way that I saved my people in Egypt.  At the appointed time I had the people ready with food & drink and upon their door the blood of the lamb.  And the Angel of Jehovah went through the land of Egypt and struck down the firstborn of Egypt so there was great distress and great wailing in the land of Egypt.  And my people stayed inside under the protection of the blood of the lamb.  And they were ready for instructions and on that night Moses gave the word that they should leave.”

12 “So it was by the word of Yahuwah and the word of Pharaoh and the word of Moses that the people left, and the Angel of Jehovah took the life of the firstborn of Egypt.  And the people left quickly for that was the way.  And on that night they held the first Passover and from that day forward it was the arrangement that on the anniversary of that night they would gather together and remember how I saved them from Egypt’s hold.”

13 “And now again the lamb has been sacrificed.  My son, the beloved one, is the lamb and my son’s blood is the basis for life.  And on the night that my son died he said to ‘keep doing this in remembrance of me’ and he instituted something new and this is something that he commanded and I do command.”

14 “If you will serve me then you must know and understand the meaning of these things.  Those who serve Jehovah must commemorate my son’s death.”

15 “And so on Passover night they must gather together.  I have not commanded this as an occasion for proselytizing but an occasion for respect and appreciation.  And so on that night you must gather together and respectfully and be worshipful and remember my son.  Nothing greater has occurred and nothing greater will occur than the death of the beloved son.  And you men must take some bread and the bread must be unleavened and the bread must be prepared on that day and you must respectfully pray over the bread as it pictures the body of my son that was without sin.  For only a body without sin was equal to Adam’s and therefore my son gave that which was equal to that which Adam lost.”

16 “You must gather together in your homes as families and you may gather as one or two families and where one or two families are gathered together they must respectfully remember and they must have with them the unleavened bread prepared on that day.  And it must not be an occasion for proselytizing but it must be an occasion for respect.  And after saying a prayer all present must break the bread so that there should be enough bread for you and your family and those in the household.  And after breaking the bread you should prayerfully and respectfully ponder the value of the life of my son.”

17 “And if there are those present who are sons of the kingdom they may take of the bread and eat it. These are the ones that have my spirit upon them and they know their place in my purpose and they know their rank before me. For some will be beside me and others will constitute the 24 and these ones know what they are. And as for those who are not sons of the kingdom and do not have this knowledge or understanding these one should respectfully gather and should remember the life of my son.”

18 “And after this you should take also the wine.  And the wine should be red and it should be wine.  And it should not be fortified but should be the product of the grape.  And just as my son commanded you should pray over the wine and you should respectfully remember the blood of the son.  For just as the blood of the lamb in Egypt saved the sons of Israel so the blood of the lamb, my son, is giving you life today.  And you should be nothing but respectful.  And you should respectfully consider the wine.  And if there are sons of the kingdom present they may drink of the wine, these knowing that they have my spirit upon them, knowing their name and knowing their rank , whether they be of the few or of the 24 they know their place before me.  And those that have this knowledge may drink respectfully but as for the rest they should ponder the value of my son.  And there should be nothing but respect and it is not an occasion for proselytizing or debate.  And there should be nothing but respect for the blood.”

19 “For in blood is life and blood should not be misused.  And blood is not a subject for disrespect.  For I have placed life in blood and more.  And the mystery of the blood is beyond men so that when they misuse blood they cannot understand the consequences.  A second generation, a third-generation, a fourth generation cannot be exempt from the error of blood.  For in blood I have placed life and the essence of life and a force beyond man’s understanding.  And when you misuse blood you do not understand and cannot understand the consequences.  With the misuse of blood you change your life in an unimaginable manner. What you are is changed. You must ponder the life of the son and the appropriate use of blood in sacrifice in vindication of my purpose and in validation of the covenant.”

20 “It must come about that at that time of the year you must gather yourselves together.  And as families you must enjoy the memorial celebration with one or two families.  It is not an occasion for proselytizing but an occasion of respect.  And you should wait until the sun has set so that it is as it was in Egypt.  And then you should take the unleavened bread and the red wine and you should respectfully pray and ponder.  The bread should be prepared and there should be enough for all present to break the bread and the wine should be red wine not fortified.  You should respectfully consider the life and the death of my son the beloved one.”

21 “And you should be in a state of readiness. And in the interior rooms you should celebrate.  And you should be inside and not outside.  And you should behave in privacy.  And it is a time for respect. The people of Israel with Moses were in a state of readiness.  And they had learned that salvation belongs to Jehovah.  They had seen the proud one humiliated and the haughty one brought low and they had learned to rely upon the word of Jehovah.  And so it must be at the time of the end.  And there will be the distinction that occurs between those who are willing to obey the words of this book and those who have no respect for the life of the son.”

22 “And so it will be that by their own faith and course of obedience they will choose life and death and if they are obedient then life will be theirs.  Just as in Egypt they will choose life or death.  And they will develop an obedient heart and they will be obedient to the words of the book of Elijah and they will recognize the importance of obedience to the word of God.  And there will be men of truth and righteousness and they will serve Jehovah faithfully and on the night they will gather together and respectfully serve Yahuwah. “

23 “The one who disrespects the sacrifice of the beloved son has shown disrespect to me.  And there is no sacrifice for him.  But the one who understands these things respects the arrangement.  And where you show respect for life there is a blessing.  However where disrespect is shown for the life of the beloved son there is no sacrifice.”

24 “And here I have presented to you Elijah the seven pillars of truth. You must not choose between them. They are complete and final. As for you Elijah, now you must write these words in the book.  And men must read these words and realize that these are the ways of Jehovah.  I am Jehovah and I have not changed.  And those that read the words of the prophet Elijah will recognize that these words were written as Elijah was borne along by my Holy Spirit.”

25 “You men must know and understand that I Yahuwah have spoken by the prophet.  But when I send forth the prophet I give my sign that the time has arrived for the end of the system.  As when Noah prophesied and the end came, and as Elijah prophesies the day of Jehovah draws near.”

26 “For a placed the prophecy of Elijah in a prominent place in my word and I spoke in unambiguous terms.  However I have obscured the words and hidden their meaning so that men would see the words without understanding.  Many words have been written about the prophecy of Elijah but they have failed to comprehend the meaning of the words.  And there had been fanciful things that have been said about Elijah.  And he has been likened to the witnesses in revelation about which I spoke of the sons of the kingdom.  And in my due time I have removed the veil so that no longer are the words veiled or their meaning ambiguous.”

27 “Just as I have written them the words are understandable.  For to Malachi I spoke of the coming of Elijah before the coming of the great and fear inspiring day of Yahuwah.  And my son spoke firstly of Elijah of the last days and then spoke of Elijah at his day who was John.  And there were three instances of Elijah, firstly Elijah the prophet in the days of Israel, secondly John who will be great in the resurrection and finally Elijah in the last days.  And here my word has been written and the prophecy has come true and into all the Earth the words of Elijah have gone forth and I have poured out my spirit that my word may be heard in the far corners of the earth.”