Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Sixteen

1 “And a fifth prophecy I do give.  It will be just as I have spoken to Elijah.  But here I have shown Elijah the end.  And I awakened him in a vision and he saw a great red sky.  And above the great red sky there was black so that it was as if he was looking into a cavern.  And he heard a voice alongside him saying ‘is it finished yet?’  And it was a sweet voice, a woman’s voice.  And Elijah turned his head to the woman but he did not see her plainly.  And he said to her ‘go inside for it is approaching’ and he followed her inside and closed the door.”

2 “And as he pondered these things he recognized about them that he had seen great things moving in amongst the red sky and that it was a time of war.  And yet there was great stillness on the earth. And soon the fallen one was alone once more. And there was a great silence about the work and a great awesome presence.  And so I showed plainly to the prophet Elijah that he will see these things.  And so now I am giving my word to the prophet Elijah that he will see these things and I do appoint him with a number.  And the number is not a man’s number and those in the kingdom will understand.  So here I have appointed Elijah as a prophet and it is not according to the way of men or the way of an organization but it is according to the way of Jehovah.”

3 “Here now I do give my reminders.  Who was Noah?  Who was Moses?  Who was Jeremiah?  Who was Ezekiel?  Who was Isaiah?  Who is the beloved son?  Who was John?  Who did the appointing?  Was it not I?  I am Yahuwah and I am the one that appoints the prophet and no men may appoint a prophet.  And so there are men that they called prophets and there are men that call themselves prophets.  But I Yahuwah appoint a prophet.”

4 “And Elijah will see these things and by the word of Elijah you will come to know what you must do in order to survive in that day.  And now listen to the prophet and share in the fifth prophecy.  And will you men humble yourselves and will you listen to a humble message.  Will you men say, ‘The organization, the organization, the organization!’  Or have you men invalidated the word of God with your tradition?  Or will you humble yourselves and will you listen to the word of Yahuwah?  For in due time Elijah will speak again.  And will you be ready?  And will you humble yourselves and will you be as wise men?”