Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Six

1 “The third pillar of truth I do give you.  But there are seven pillars and two I have given you.  The third is this.  How is it that you men are saying that I did not create the heavens, the earth and those things that lie in them?  Bring forth your witnesses! For I Yahuwah made everything complete in itself in its day.  The land animal, the swimming creature, the flying creature were all made complete in their day.” [God’s personal name is often miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A]

2 “And so a man finds a bone and says look, here we have found something unusual!  And they are saying, look!  This thing was incomplete.  How was it incomplete?  If it was a bone then it lived and moved.  How then can you men say that it was incomplete?  Everything was created according to its kind and just as I imagined it so it proved to be.  Here now then there was no incomplete creation.  Men live and breathe and exist according to the word of Yahuwah.  If you put faith in the erroneous words how can you put faith in the Word of God?  You have replaced the creation as the creator.”

3 “Have you men no thought?  Can you men not see the evidence in front of your eyes?  This thing is inexcusable from the standpoint of God.  You must know and understand that there is but one creator of heaven and earth.  I am Jehovah and I have not changed.  I brought forth the living creatures according to its kind and nothing that I have made was incomplete.  For six days according to the word of God I toiled and brought forth the heavens and the earth and the things in them.  And the heavens and the earth I created first and on the first creative day I turned my attention to the earth. And thus the creative work began.  According to the days of Yahuwah I speak and not according to the days of men. And I proceeded to do according to the delight of my hands and everything I made and it was complete and I was saying it is good.”

4 “How then can you say it is not good?  Were you there?  Can you bring forth your testimony?  All the work of my hand is complete and I am the creator of heaven and earth.  Those with sincerity can see the proof of these words and they can see the proof in my work.”

 5 “And as for you men I have appointed you to bring forward the evidence and to show the proof that all things were created perfectly according to my word.  And as for you men you must act with honesty and integrity and you must help men to see the truth that I am the creator and there is no one else.”