Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Seventeen

The Message To The Congregations of Mankind

1 And the word of Yahuwah occurred saying “here I am giving my words through Elijah the Prophet and you must listen to my word and become wise.  For here I am bringing the earth and the works in it to its end and you men must know that I am Yahuwah when I bring change upon the earth and salvation to men of righteousness with great blessings for those faithful.”

2 And I was waiting for the word of Yahuwah and at Yahuwah’s due time he came to me and so I proceeded to write the words of the prophecy for Yahuwah had said “here you are to write the book and the book will be called the book of Elijah and the word of Elijah and yet be my word. Some will put faith in these words and others will not.  And as for those that put faith in these words, they will be on the path to life, and as for those that do not put faith in these words, they will be the many.  And they will be on the road to darkness and the road as a short one and they will have to die.”

3 And the word of Yahuwah occurred “it is as a group traveling on a dark night.  And 10 men among them took up torches and held them aloft for all to see.  So the 10 men each lit the way and between them there was light that men could see and travel safely.  And when the group had traveled through the dark night and they had arrived safely at their destination then each of the 10 men in turn said ‘I was the one that lit the way’ when in fact there were 10 men that lit the way and there were 10 torches.  And so each one took credit for what had been done.  And a good work had been done.  But the work had been done by 10 men and not one and there had been 10 torches and not one.  And so as they took credit the ones that have been guided to safety turned to each other and said ‘was it not by the work of all 10 that we arrived safely?  Were there not 10 torches that were used to guide us?  How come these men are saying that but one torch did the work and that one man did the work?’  And they will be confused and concerned so that on the one hand they will appreciate the work of the men but on the other hand they will question the words and the attitudes.”

4 “And the attitude of the men were as those seeking glory for themselves and taking credit for the work that they had shared in.  But there had been 10 men who had led the way and between them they had guided the group through the dark night.”

5 “So that now it has come to be that the day is dawning.  The dark night is coming to an end and men are arriving safely at the conclusion of the system of things and it has come time for the reward to be given to those who have exercised faith.”

6 “For in all the earth there have been those that have guided men providing light and direction.  And as for these men they have done good but they have shared in the work.  The work has not been done alone.  Each of these men has referred to others and has drawn on the words of others and has been taught by others and into each of these men help has been given both from my word my spirit and also from those others on the earth that have written books or have given insight according to that which has been revealed and according to my spirit.  And you men must not be taking credit alone for that which you have accomplished along with others.”

7 “And here I am bringing judgment upon the earth and those that love righteousness and hate lawlessness I am rewarding. But those that had concerns should refrain from critical speech for some of these have questioned my way. There has been a time of small things and it has passed. Until the passing what was looked for was loyalty. And those that are working according to the words of truth I am blessing.  And you men will have to know that I am Jehovah when I bring these things to a conclusion according to my word.”

8 “And now you must humble yourselves under the word of Yahuwah and you must listen to my word to the congregations in the earth.  And as you listen to my word and you humble yourselves so you will be blessed according to your humility.  The humility must be real. For those serving Jehovah must serve with humility and must be willing to be directed by my word.”

9 “And Elijah you should take note. For even the first congregation that has behaved with insight will stumble in the days ahead. For they will seek fame and glory on the one hand while saying that they do not want fame and glory on the other hand. And only the humble will know and recognise the truth.”

[God’s personal name is often miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A]