Elijah The Last Days Prophecies Chapter One

1 “To the prophet I went saying these words.  Here I am appointing you as Elijah.  For I spoke to the Prophet Malachi and I went saying to him that I would send forth the prophet Elijah.  Here today I have fulfilled these words.  And men will say that they are Elijah.  But here I have appointed you as the prophet and I am giving you my word and your work is simple.  You must let my word be known in the earth.  For men have said that the end is drawing near.  In this regard they speak truth.  The end draws near with the coming of Elijah.  I am Jehovah.  I am the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob.  I am the God of the beloved son.  And now into all the earth I do give my words through the prophet Elijah.  The end of all things has drawn close.  You must listen to the words of the prophet.”

2 “And in the last days, in the 70th year it was, that the word of Jehovah came to the Elijah.  And I went saying to Elijah here I am giving you my word and a great work must be done.  You must do according to all that I command you.’  And as for Elijah he was in a state of shock. And for many months he was in shock and finally he spoke and then I addressed him. I went saying to Elijah ‘here you are my servant and I am your God.’  And I observed Elijah and I observed his concern.”

3 “And Elijah went saying to me ‘who am I that you should put a word upon me and give me this commission?’  Right away I replied; I came to you 24 years ago and I went saying to you that I should conceal you on the earth.  I would place food upon your table and care for you.  You read my word with understanding and comprehension.  You have my blessing.  I have given you my spirit.  So do not question me when I say, I am the Lord Jehovah and the work that you must do I am giving to you.  With my strength you will go forth.  And the word will be heard in all the earth.”

4 “And as for Elijah he went asking me ‘who on the Earth is really interested in the Word of God?’  And I went replying to Elijah and saying ‘do not look at these things for I am sharing with you great truths.  The things I shall reveal to you I have revealed to no other.  For I am Jehovah.  And I am the one who has said, I will not do a thing unless I reveal my confidential matter to my servants, the prophets.  And here I am giving you the name Elijah, because I have said that Elijah will go forth and will do the work before the coming of the great and fear inspiring day of Jehovah.  And here I went appointing John and John served as Elijah in the days of the beloved son on earth.  And here now there is the coming of the great and fear inspiring day.  And men have said it is a fearful time and that I am coming to destroy mankind, something that I have not determined to occur And they misrepresent the creator and yet they do not know me. And unless this word is heard how will men begin to understand?”

5 “And as for men, many are saying that Jehovah will not do a thing.  And they have said, Jehovah is not listening.  And there are many who have said, there is no God.  And as for me, I have heard these things.”

6 “Here I am taking my power and am acting in behalf of mankind.  I have raised up my witness, even my peoples and they have gone forth into all the earth.  And the great work has been done.  It is not finished.  For this is the day of small things and not a time for self righteousness. And many claim that they know me and yet they do not know me.”

7 “And as for Elijah, for many days he could not comprehend these things. I poured out my spirit upon him and gave him peace.  And he humbled himself before me and prepared for the work. Finally he came to understand that I had a work for him to do.  And he began to realize that I Jehovah had cared for him.  And so he prepared himself for the Word.”

8 “I went saying to Elijah; you must record the words of Jehovah your God.  And there will be those that read the words and they will say that this cannot be.  But there will be those that read the words and know that these are my words.  In my word I have placed a pattern.  Humble ones and sincere ones will read these words and know the truth.  And 24 years ago the word of Jehovah did occur to you Elijah and then I went saying to you to conceal yourself.  And I went blessing the work of your hands.  And you never had too little and you never had too much.  And you were blessed.  And now I have put my spirit upon you and you must write.”

9 “I am the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob.  I it was that spoke to Moses.  I it was that spoke through the prophets and lastly revealed myself through the beloved son Jesus.  And finally I revealed myself to John.  Let the one reading these words humble themselves.  For I am Jehovah and I have not changed.”