Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Nineteen

1 “And now here I do speak to a second congregation in the earth.  And when I say second congregation I do not say second as to rank. For only the one who knows the truth can have the first rank. And the truth will only be known in full when the son arrives. So do not think that you are the second as to rank. You are the second in this word. In some ways you are first.”

2 “And you are like the first congregation for you believe that you are the only one and yet there are many workers in the field and there are many who have held the torch aloft and you have worked together and here you have searched for the word of Jehovah and I have sent it forth through the prophet Elijah.  And now will you humble yourself before the prophet even as the first congregation will do.  And now you must humble yourselves for there are things that you must change according to the word of Jehovah and yet I regard this well, that you men have displayed sincerity, that you men have loved the service of your God and that you men have displayed devotion to the words that have been written and will you men now accept the word of God?  It will be a hard thing for you and you must behave with humility.”

3 “I must speak to you at length, for many things have I revealed to the first congregation and to you also.  Only behave with humility.  For there are many among you who have humility and who are seeking guidance and here I have sent forth my guidance to you.”

4 “With sincerity the work was begun.  And there was searching for me and a searching for truth.  Embellishing the word does not make the word more pure or righteous for the words themselves prove what is holy and not gold.  And so my spirit made it clear that there was no truth in the earth.  That men who claimed to serve God did so falsely and and my spirit would bless those who humbled themselves before the word of God and would accept the truth.”

5 “The simple truth sat in the hearts of men and they did great things and even with this small blessing they did great things so that all men on the earth may know that even a little faith can accomplish a great amount when it is done with sincerity and with spirit.”

6 “And yet the word of men was added to the direction of God so the word changed.  And will you men put the words of men above the word of God?  Or will you change to the spirit of the founder and will you search for the word of God and know what it truthfully is?  And will you men cling to truth?  And now mark well these words.  I know your deeds and that you have sought truth and that you have come to know the great falsehood in the earth and that you have searched into many things and you have seen that there is a need to make peace with God. Do not bring forth gold.”

7 “You have come to know the meaning of family that this is the first creation of God in the earth among men when I did bring Eve to Adam and did make them man and wife according to my word.  And you have blessed the family.  And you have learned righteousness and justice and you have sought to take the word into all the earth.  And you have taken my word but you have also taken the word of men.”

8 “And you have sought to do good and it was not you men that embellished the word with gold.  And there are many among you who are searching for truth and with your heart you give your service.  More than this, you give the support to the work for you know that there is a kingdom and a priesthood.  And had there not been an embellishing with gold then I would have poured out my spirit and I would have provided the way and the truth.  For the truth is mine.  And will you accept the correction of your God or will you say ‘the organization, the organization, the organization!’  Or will you humble yourself as did the founder?  And will you humble yourself for more than one hour and will you be patient or will you be as he, and will you embellish with gold or with the words of men?”

9 “For in the time of the son there were those that sought truth and yet they sought personal gain and from the times of James and John there have been those who have desired to set their own place in the kingdom. And James and John humbled themselves and they found their place according to my word.  But it has not been the case with all men.  Some have desired to set their own place in the kingdom.  And it was the beloved son who spoke plainly when he said that this was for the Father.  And there have been those in the earth that have appointed their own place.  For there are prophets appointed by God and there are prophets appointed by men and there are prophets revered by men and there are prophets beloved to God and these are not the same thing.  And when men search for truth with sincerity of hearts I will pour out my spirit and there will be a seed of truth.  And when they turn aside for personal gain or for personal position and when they appoint themselves as a prophet then my spirit does leave them and no more do they gain a blessing.”

10 “And so it was and so it will prove to be that men will seek to embellish and some will embellish with stone and some will embellish with parables and some will embellish with gold and some will claim standing with me.  As for Me, for my part it was not time yet for my will to be done in the earth nor was it yet time to appoint Elijah and so men go forth and do things with power and zeal but it is not from me.  And now they must humble themselves. For humility will be a mark in the final part of the days.  And the final day is coming quickly and so act quickly and with zeal.  And now take your zeal and mark well the words of Jehovah.”

11 “And in the final part of the days I’m giving understanding to you men.  Angels are of one kind and man is of another kind.  The angel I did create first and the man I did create later.  And the two are creations and they are separate and distinct.  And they will be separate and distinct.  And they are similar but they are not the same.  The one is spiritual the other physical and yet they are sons to me.  And the beloved son I sent to Earth and he ceased to be an angel and became a man and I have done this once.  And there are sons of men that I have taken from the earth and I do constitute them a kingdom even sons of Abraham though not all are his seed.”

12 “But it is not according to the way of the angels but rather according to the way of men for man I have dignified according to his ways.  And angels I have dignified according to their ways.   The two are not the same and save for the kingdom it will not be.  And even these sons of the kingdom do not have the body of an angel for they are something different and they have immortality and they do not take the place of an angel and yet they share the qualities of men and angels but are different and yet similar.  And so I have shown you the truth and will you accept it?  For you have searched these things with sincerity and you sought to understand these things and here I Jehovah am exercising humility toward you and will you exercise humility toward me.”

13 “A temple I did construct in the wilderness and I poured out my spirit upon my servant Moses and he did instruct and a temple was built and they called it the Tabernacle.  And to my servant David I went saying that his son would build a temple for me and the temple was built by Solomon and according to my word and I sanctified the building and I put upon the building my name so that my name was known in the whole earth.  The temple stood for my name and was a resting place and was good.  And finally I went sweeping the temple away but not the arrangement.”

14 “In my due time I brought my people to Jerusalem and they began to build again and I did not provide the gold nor did I provide as I had done with David and so the temple was different.  Though it had a sanctuary, within I did not place there the Ark of the Covenant for the Temple of Solomon had served its purpose and had established my name in the whole earth and is spoken of to this day.  And so the temple was built but not according to the way of Solomon and the temple was a shadow of the reality which lies in heaven.  And so had the temple been pivotal to my purpose I would have built with all the grandeur of the wealth of Persia.  For could I not have taken 10 times the wealth of David and could I not have placed it upon the temple?”

15 “And yet it was my son that was pivotal and the beloved son took the place of the temple. And it is through the son that the purpose of God is accomplished.  And men glorified the temple and in the days of the beloved son they went taking the temple and using it as a place of business and they placed the rituals of the temple above the purpose of the temple and yet I had taught them plainly the place of the temple for it had never been rebuilt according to the ways of Solomon.  And by this they would have discerned the purpose had they but considered the glory of my word.  But they saw the building and placed the building above my son and the ritual above my king.  And the beloved son spoke well when he went saying “your house is abandoned” when he spoke firstly of the temple and secondly of their name.  And now discern the word of Yahuwah when I say to you that the temple I did sweep away and according to the words of the son who spoke of the city and of the temple when he said “not a stone will be left upon a stone” and so it proved to be according to the word.  And here I do appoint my son to give life and my son takes the place of the temple. For what is a temple without the sacrifice? What is a temple without my spirit?”

16 “And so it is not the size of the temple or the grandeur of the temple but the purpose of the temple that is important.  And the measurements of the temple were provided by me.  And the size of the temple can no longer be contained on the earth for the purpose of the Temple of Solomon has been accomplished and the purpose of the Tabernacle has been accomplished and in place of an altar they did place my son, the beloved son, on a tree and I accepted this.  And the beloved son will no more walk among men so that a temple upon the earth is of no purpose.  And the Ark of the Covenant is in heaven for that is my throne.”

17 “And you men have come to understand and have insight that the temple is the key to everlasting life.  But the temple is not an earthly temple. Is not the temple mine? “

18 “And you men have served with zeal and with sincerity and your works have become known to me.  For you are like the apostle Paul who served with zeal but not according to accurate knowledge and when accurate knowledge was revealed to him by the intervention of the beloved son then he mended his ways and sought the truth and he went to the prophet and learned from him.  And for two years did he consider his ways and when he went forth again he went forth with spirit and truth and became a prophet among the nations and stands before me as a loved son, himself serving before me eternally.”

19 “And as Paul conquered so can you.  But you must humble yourselves and you must learn from my words.  And as you humble yourself you will bring in the resources of the Earth and these resources will be used to take the word to the whole earth so that the witness must be given on a greater scale for you have become the storehouses of the Earth and you will work along with the my son and together you will work with a great work.  For this will be accomplished when the son comes and men will look admiringly at the work and those that humble themselves will benefit from the work.”

20 “And your humility will be great in the whole earth and you will teach family.  And men must know what it means to be part of a family.  Husbands must know what it means to be fathers and they will act with insight in their family and you will take the place of family and place it in its rightful place in the earth.  You have come to know what it means to be a family.  And wives will exercise an honored place in the household and you will stick firmly to the law that I gave in Eden when I took Adam and Eve and made them a family.  What is beyond a man and wife has been embellished with gold and is not from me.”

“21 And you will take a look at the seven pillars of truth and you will recognize them as truth and the words of Elijah from me.  And you men will act with great zeal and insight.  And you will repent of your ways and you will understand the ways of God.  For the word reads plainly when it says that the beloved son did “present himself to John” so that he was not presented by another but presented himself.  And you will discern the truth of this.  The one presenting is part of the baptism as is the one baptizing so that three are involved in baptism.  There is the one presenting, the one baptizing & the one accepting the baptism who is the father.  And without the three there can be no baptism.  The one that presents must present of his own free will, the one baptizing should be sanctified and without me there is no baptism.”

22 “And humility you will display before me.  And some will stumble greatly at these things.  And others will accept these things.  And some will stumble a little but will ponder these things and know that these are the words of God.  For through the prophet Malachi did I say that I would raise up the prophet Elijah before the coming of the great and fear inspiring day.  And I did wait until it was time that men can be reached by one prophet in all the earth.  And 24 years ago I did say to the prophet ‘here you must wait 24 years.’  And when I did raise up the prophet he was able to take his message into the whole earth and yet he was but one man.  And so this prophecy was fulfilled in Elijah.”

23 “And now read the words of the prophet and accept them and know that I Yahuwah am speaking these things.  For I am a father.  What father is there that does not exercise compassion to his son?  And will he not go again and again to his son that he may repent?  And does he not rejoice greatly when the son repents of his ways and does serve him with spirit and truth.  And so come and humble yourself and serve along with the kingdom.  Truth is truth. Seek truth and gain the blessing.”

[God’s personal name is often miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A]