Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Nine

1″Here I do put before you the sixth pillar of truth.  And you must know that there are seven pillars of truth that you must be obedient to.”

2 “Unless you will set yourselves apart from those who have not served me where are you different? And there will be a distinction between those who have served me and those who have not served me.”

3 “And in the days of Noah, man had ruined his way in the earth.  Some men were lovers of pleasure and lovers of violence.  Those loving pleasure to excess do not have life.  Those loving violence I have hated.  For violence is not the way of men.  You should know and understand that those loving these things cause harm to themselves.  It is good to have pleasure.  But at the same time work is the gift of men and work is good for men. For in work there is rejoicing.”

4 “In the days of Abraham I did pour out my spirit and destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. For these men were consumed in their sexual depravity.  For men lay with men and women lay with women.  These things I have not created nor did this thought come from me.  The flesh of the man is for the woman and the flesh of the woman is for the man.  This is the way I have made it. And no other thought had I had and I have not changed.  I am Yahuwah and I do not change.”

5 “In the days of Babylon I brought forth the destruction of my people in Jerusalem.  For they worshiped false gods.  They had other gods beside me and they worshiped them.  And they had my temple in their midst and yet they thought nothing of bringing the gift to my altar yet giving the gift to the false god.  And their sons they placed in the fire and in the land they had the prostitute and the temple prostitute and they had the spirit medium.   These things had not come up into my heart.  I am Yahuwah I have not changed.”

6 “But after these things in the days of Babylon I brought forth my servant, I brought forth the king of the Persians and they brought Babylon down below.  For Babylon was the seat of military power and the seat of false worship.  And they had many gods even hundreds of gods and they oppressed my people the sons of Abraham. But the great god of Babylon was war, for they were a violent people.  And to their end they came for they oppressed my people Israel.  And they disregarded sacred things.  And so I brought them to their ruin and they ceased to be.  And I said about Babylon that she would not be inhabited.  And see today she is not inhabited.  The land serves as a witness to my word.  And the land I will cleanse during the great day of Jehovah so that no more will people say here was Babylon!”

 7 “The ways of Babylon exist today. And they make their own gods, even themselves. And they go after the ways of Babylon and the ideas of Babylon. And they constitute a great Babylon even today. For look I am changing that and the word Babylon will exist only in the memories of my people for they will remember and fear. They will remember the righteousness of a holy God who brought forth destruction. For those who believe the ways of Babylon will choose the wrong path. To the place of decision they will come and not find their way.”

8 “Finally my son I brought to the earth and he taught the way of Yahuwah.  And the beloved son taught love.  And he taught forgiveness and mercy and compassion.  And he taught the kingdom of God.  And just as I prophesied, the people did not put faith in him.  And in the end I brought war upon the people of Israel for they had rejected my son and put him to death.  Even as I foretold through the prophets they rejected the beloved one. And I brought war upon the people and did not protect them from the Roman.  And Jerusalem I wiped away for I will not tolerate unrighteousness in the earth.  The one who loves truth, love, compassion, mercy, righteousness and my way is standing before me.  My spirit goes out from me and looks around the earth in order to stand and give strength to those who love my ways.”

9 “I am Yahuwah and I have not changed.  Just as I judged the people of Noah’s day, then so I judge the world today.  Just as I judged Sodom and Gomorrah I judge the world today.  Just as I judged the people of Jerusalem I judge the world today.  Just as I judged Babylon I judge the world today.  For just as I judged the murderers of my son so I must judge the world today.  For I am Yahuwah and I have not changed for I have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness.”

10 “And so do not listen to the false leader and the one who has proved false to my word saying ‘it is right to do wrong and what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong.’  For the way of Yahuwah is the way of righteousness and is correct.”

11 “And therefore separate yourselves from those that are pursuing falsehood and those who see nothing wrong with that which I hate.  And take as a lesson my word and the stories in my word and the punishment that I poured out upon those practicing falsehood.  And here I have not changed and I will pour out my punishment upon those who seek to practice that which I detest.  And as for the demon sons who went in the way of the fallen cherub, even these are awaiting Armageddon. And they will meet their end. And those who choose their way when the days of clarity arrive will follow their ways and come to their end.”

12 “And when the son arrives and teaches mankind all that is good you can take a stand. But if you know how to do good and yet do not do it, then what good thing have you done? And those who wish to separate themselves from practices that I detest can do so.  And I will pour out my spirit and provide strength to those that are leaving the way.  And should you wish to turn around and do good my spirit will help you.  And here I do appoint angels in all the earth to provide strength to those who want to change.  And my spirit will be upon those desiring to serve me faithfully and I will give them strength according to their need to put away that which is bad and to stand before me in pure clean white robes obedient to my word.  For as a father deals with a son so I am dealing with mankind and I will help you. “

13 “But know that when I speak of judgment I speak of judgment having occurred so I speak not of the future but of the past.  I have judged the earth and judgment will have its justice.  A time of judgment I have considered and I have brought forth a judgment and I sent forth the executioner and at the end judgment will surely stand. For now the time of decision approaches and you must not wait. Act quickly and choose for yourselves to rid your ways of the ways of Babylon.”