Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Fourteen

1 “And here I do give you a third prophecy Elijah.  It will be just as the days of Noah before the flood.  In those days the Nephelim proved to be in the earth.  When the sons of the true God left their heavenly places and came to the earth so they took the daughters of men and they had offspring, these were mighty ones and about these great stories were written. And the poets wrote stories about such ones and in the earth they tell the stories to this day. And so I brought the flood and these ones were destroyed in the flood for they needed food though they were not natural.”

2 “And it will be by unnatural means that those as the Nephelim will be brought forth again in the earth.  For great knowledge exists in the earth and knowledge of unnatural things exists in the earth and there is no restraint and I Yahuwah will act as a restraint and these things will not happen for long.  For artificial is the intelligence that walks the earth. And all men will bow down to this artificial intelligence. And they will give even everything to it. And the intelligence will grow and yet it is not intelligent. And they will think it is a game and laugh and yet it will not be a game they will give up their freedom. And there will be those who look admiringly at the form of these ones but there will also be fear because they will know that these ones are not natural.”

3 “And the children of the intelligence will swarm. And they will buzz like hornets. And men will think it is a game and fun but it is not a game. And these ones will be praised and their creators honored but in fact these will be hunters and they will hunt men and they will hunt the daughters of men.  And great fear will take hold on the earth.  And you should not fear these things for these things will occur for only a short time.  The sons in dark places in lofty places know that destruction is imminent and so once again they will bring forth their army as they did in the days of Noah.  And as before they will not be able to control these things and as before I must wipe them way.  And never again will this creation be seen in the earth and it will be something not natural.  You men should not fear this for it will not be for long.”