Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Five

1″And the second pillar of truth I do give.  All Scripture is inspired of me.  The Word of God is complete in itself.  It needs nothing added nor anything taken away.”

2 “In the days of Noah I raised up Noah and he gave direction to the people of the Earth.  And people despised Noah yet he faithfully fulfilled his work and finally entered into the Ark.  He and his family with him and all the animals that I brought to him were placed within the Ark.  Finally I closed the door.  Those looking on asked the question how the door was closed.  They did not know that I closed the door.  They thought that Noah had done something unusual.  But I closed the door and Noah and his family went into the innermost part of the ark and they stayed there and were safe.”

3 “Now Noah knew many things from my hand. For I spoke to Noah as a father speaks to a son and thus he knew many things. But not all of these were placed in my word save that which I gave to Moses.  And Moses put down just a little of my word on Noah in the writings.  And so the word of Noah was known to him and was known to those to whom he preached at the time.”

4 “So it is in the latter stages with the prophet Elijah.  These words are not to be added to the great book.  But my writings are complete in themselves.”

5 “And the book of Elijah is here as direction in the last days. And to time indefinite the words of Elijah will be remembered.  This should serve for sincere and honest men to survive the conclusion of things.  And just as my son has spoken, a great tribulation is coming to the earth.  Indeed unless those days were cut short no flesh would be saved but there will be those who put faith in my word and put faith in the words of the prophet Elijah and then those days will be cut short.  Even as I said through the prophet Malachi when I said ‘here I am sending forth the prophet Elijah before the coming of the great and fear inspiring day.’  And you must listen and know that I have not changed.”

5 “In due time it became possible to raise the prophet.  24 years ago I came to Elijah and said ‘here I am placing you in a place of concealment on the earth, and you will be there and I will feed you and keep you safe.’  And Elijah was not sure as to what this meant.  And he inquired of me many times regarding the sayings and finally I said; it is enough.  And finally at the end of 24 years I have come to the prophet Elijah and I have said to him, ‘now I do change your name and your name is Elijah.’  And now you must write my words in the book and the word of Elijah must go forth into the whole earth at the appointed time that men may know what they must do to survive the conclusion of the system of things. For yet difficult days will arise. And men do not know the meaning. And yet these days will unfold. And will men show humility?”

7 “And I showed Elijah many things. Then I said to seal up the book for 12 more years. And at the end of that time you must read it and reveal it. And Elijah was concerned at my words and I comforted him. And each day he would see the fulfillment of the words and know that I have not changed.”