Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Fifteen

1 “And another prophecy do I give to the prophet Elijah that you men may know that the words of Elijah are true. The words of the prophecy are plain.  Here I am appointing two periods of time.  In the first period of time there will be trouble in the earth.  And that period of time will be according to the time of Israel.  Those in the kingdom and of the kingdom will understand these things plainly for these know the ways of Joseph.  And the period of time will be one of trouble in the earth.  And it will affect the entire inhabited earth. And pestilence will go forth. Even a great pestilence and into all the earth it will fly. And many will speak as if they know that they will not know. And trouble will follow. And as Daniel spoke, the clay will not cleave to the iron. For men will fear. Those days will be critical and it will bring men to their knees and as for those who have seen many days, many there are that will see no more until they stand once again in the resurrection. And only the 24 who walk the earth who cast their crowns before me will know what these things mean.”

2 “And in that time there will be a king even a great king who will be given greater authority in the earth.  And he will flood through into many nations and will execute judgment upon those who do not do the will of the nations.  The great king will exercise restraint in the earth.  And so it will be that the period will come to an end.  And there will be peace on the earth.  And men will look admiringly at the great king and they will say that they have done a great thing.  And so the second period will begin.  And the time will be a time of great peace in the earth.”

3 “And men will say that they have arrived at the time that was sought by the ancestors.  And they will put up great monuments and statues.  And there will be the holding of many ceremonies and there will be great pride in the earth. And men will feel freedom and yet it will not be as before.”

4 “And as for the lowly ones during this time there will be many of the lowly ones of the earth that will suffer.  And these ones will have been pushed to one side.  So that whoever does not support the great king will not benefit and will not prosper but whoever chooses to support the great king will prosper and will benefit.”

5 “And the period of the first will be as the period of the second.  And it will come about that at the beginning of the second period the sons of the true God will recognize the time that will come before the end.  For they will know that the second period is as the first period and at the conclusion of the second period of time the end will come.  And they will search and they will discover the time of the beginning of the work of the prophet Elijah.  By this they will be able to calculate the time for the end.  By the number of the years that have been bad from the beginning of the revelation of the word of Elijah they will know the time for the end.”

6 ” And during this time they must devote their time to the cleansing of those who are doing the will of Jehovah.  And there must be the exercising of great loving-kindness in the earth.  Men must recognize that all men have sinned and all men fall short and all men are fickle.  But this will be a time of great repentance and a time of great godly devotion.  And so there will be this large congregation in the earth. The preaching work will continue and many will join themselves to the first of the congregations but it will be difficult, for at this time there will be those who will look admiringly at the great king and they will not want to know the work.  So that men will listen politely and respectfully but inwardly they will find humor for themselves.”

7 “And during this time there will be those in the first congregation who will turn aside from the word and will look admiringly at the great king and they will say to themselves that there is no need for the kingdom of God.”

8 “In those days it will be that men will not realize the extent to which the great king exercises authority, but those having insight will.  And they will trust in Yahuwah.  And at that time the work will advance and the congregation will reach out to many people and the end will have arrived.  And I will appoint upon the earth the sign of Noah.  You men will know the sign of Noah.  And as for the great king, he will not take notice of the sign of Noah.  But those having insight will recognize the sign of Noah.”

9 “And they will know that the time has come for Elijah to speak again.  And as the time concludes I will send forth my word upon the prophet Elijah and he will provide for you the final word.  And the prophet Elijah will give you what you need to survive the days.  And you will need to act quickly and with obedience.  And so it must be the case that you men will keep an eye on the lead of Elijah.  And you men will take care of Elijah and you will care for his house.   Elijah should rest from his hard work in prophesying and should teach men as princes in preparedness for the end of these things.  You men will continue to advertise the word.  And the end will come.  And you will listen to the words of Elijah and you will save your lives.  And your lives will be spared even as at the flood.  For in a simple way it will be.  And you men will know by these great periods when the end will come.  And will you humble yourselves and recognize the simple word of Yahuwah?”

10 “And at that time I will magnify myself.  And I will turn my attention to the house of Nimrod and I will appoint an executioner even as I have spoken.  And the house of Nimrod will be brought to a ruin.  And men will turn their attention to me at that time and they will have to know that I am Yahuwah.”

11 “For the son is coming. And when my son speaks he will give clarity and all know what has been occurring from the days of Adam to this day. But there are those who seek to obscure the word. Full well they know the truth that they will not put down their lofty titles. So they stored up judgement for themselves. And I will not need to raise my hand against them for all men will recognise the ways of Babylon and the teachings of Babylon and the values of Babylon and they will seek to do away with them. And they will take the gold and silver and all things that are precious. And the work will be complete and the son will arrive.”