Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Eleven

The Five Prophecies 2007AD

1 And it came about that Elijah spoke to Yahuwah and said “how will all men know these things and how will the word come true?”  And Yahuwah went on replying by means of his spirit and saying; “The truth is the truth.  Those that are yearning for the truth will understand and see these words for what they are.  For the word of the truth is true and in the heart of men there is a yearning for truth.  For in a time of uncertainty I am providing certainty and surety just as I provided certainty and surety of the times of Noah.  And here I am answering the questions and I am answering the sincere appeals of the humble once.  And they will recognize the truth and the truth will set them free from the chains of slavery to falsehood.  And men will go forth and they will declare the good things so that all men may have the opportunity to share in the blessings that lay ahead.”

2 “However I am giving you five prophecies.  And these five prophesies will prove my words in you.  And where men see the fulfillment of these prophecies they will recognize that indeed these are the words of a prophet.  For this is the true test of a prophet.  When a prophet says it will come true and it does not then the man is not a true prophet.  However when the prophet speaks and the words come true then men recognize that this indeed is the word of a prophet.  The prophecy is the proof of the Prophet.”

3 “From the days of Moses have I appointed a prophet in the land and at my appointed time I appointed Samuel and Nathan and later I spoke by my son and still later I spoke by John.  And since that time many prophets have gone out into the land and have claimed to have the word of God.  Some have given prophecies that have not come true and others have claimed to be a prophet and yet never made a prophecy.  Still others have gone forth with prophecy that is vague and ambiguous so that men say perhaps there is something in this sentence or perhaps there is something in this sentence though never do they know for sure whether this is the word of a prophet.  There have been sincere men that have sought the words of truth and have claimed to be prophets.  Some of these have had my spirit upon them for they have sought to worship with truth and yet they have not been prophets.  So that there are indeed two types of prophets, those that say that they are prophets and those that are appointed as such.”

4 “As in the days of my people Israel there are false prophets and true prophets and there are those that genuinely have sought to serve me and have misled themselves with false reasoning and there are those that genuinely had been appointed as prophets. You I have appointed as the prophet Elijah and your prophesy will come true.  These prophesies that I am giving you will not prove to be ambiguous and they will be specific and all portions of the Earth will be affected by these things and the earth will have to know that a prophet of Yahuwah I have appointed you Elijah in the last days.”

5 “And here now great and terrible things are taking place in the earth and the earth is going to receive in itself destruction and devastation.  Thing too frightening to imagine people will see and yet there is more.  And things will move quickly to the end.  And the working and gathering of the chosen ones will come to a conclusion.  And a great distinction will occur just as was prophesied by my prophet Malachi, between those who serve me and those who serve themselves.  And institutions will become full of those seeking their own selfish ambition and among the families of the Earth will be those genuinely seeking to serve God and they will follow the words of the scroll of Elijah and they will heed the words of the great book and these ones will receive my spirit and will have no need to fear.  For the end is coming quickly, so write Elijah. “

6 “A prophet you are.  But not according to the likes of Samuel or the likes of Nathan.  But these were appointed in the land.  And so they passed through the land and they were prophets.  But today the earth is the land and it is not possible for a man to pass through the land.  And your work is similar to that of Moses.  And yet it is different.  And so you must provide the words and these words must be made available in all the earth.  And should it be that men seek more, here I am giving no more, save the word to the congregations.  And so you must rest from the prophesying and you must know peace. And you must do the work of a teacher according to my way and not according to the way of men.  And I will give you the words.”

7  “And in due time you will rise as a prophet again and you will prophesy.  And you are a great prophet and your work will go forward and in due time I will put my spirit of inspiration upon you again.  And you will do a great final work.  And before that you will establish Jah Jearah.  And you know the words and you must act with discretion.”

8 And the word of Yahuwah occurred saying “here I am giving you five prophecies and the five prophecies must come true in the final part of the days.  And these things must come true and then the end will come.  And as these things start to occur men will say, ‘the end is coming,’ and they will know that I am Yahuwah who said these things and my name will be spoken in all parts of the earth.  For though my name had been put aside by many, I it was that raised up my servant who took my name into all the earth so that by the name of Yahuwah I should be called.  I was the one choosing this name and by this name I will be worshiped.”

9 “And men have written many books about my name and in some of them they have written good, and in some of them they have written bad.  And yet I am unchangeable and my name will be known and I will bring glory upon my name and no more will people use my name improperly. “

[God’s personal name is often miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A]