Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Eighteen

1 “And to the first congregation in the earth I write these words.  And you are the first addressed but not first as to rank. And will you be humble? You have worked hard in the field and you are in all the earth. To you there are two messages though the words are for you. For you have already come to understand many things and your blessing has been great.  And you understood a little of what it means to have a kingdom and you have tried to understand prophecy. “

2 “And to you there have been conferred great blessings and you have been close to the kingdom of God.  And here my spirit has been poured out upon the work and you men have taken my word into all the nations of the earth and the work you have done is good.  And you have understood the value of life. You understood a little of the blood of the covenant.  To you there has been given insight into the words of the beloved son and you have come to know what it means to have a covenant.  And the word of God you have made intelligible in the languages of the earth so that wherever men are they may come to read the word.  You are blessed.  And here I do extend my approval to you and you are the first congregation in the earth.”

3 “You some have acted with great sincerity and for this you are blessed.  And as for the understanding of many prophecies they have been hidden from you so that some of those things that you were saying were the case have not proved to be.  And there were those among you that called out to me in faith to earnestly understand these things.”

4 “And I blessed you according to the understanding of prophecies that I have given you.  But in these later times I have withheld the understanding of prophecy for that was not the time for you to know these things.  And in the time you went ahead beyond the things that were written.”

5 “And while many did according to the words that were written and served with sincerity there were those that sought their own ways.”

6 “You went appointing task assigners in the earth and you went appointing overseers in the earth.  And you went beyond my word and my word has not been final with some of you men and so that some of the understanding has been hidden from you.  And yet you have done a good work.  And now see the work that you are doing and mend your ways. A great work lies ahead and you are to act with zeal.”

7 “But you have appointed task assigners in the earth and you have given them oversight in the earth and these men are not able to carry the burden that you put upon them. Matters too great for them to judge you have given them when judgment belongs to me.  For the burden that you give them is great.  And so those that are sharp and bright become dull and blunt.  And young men you give great burdens but they are not ready to carry them.  And so now take away the great burdens from the men you have appointed in the earth. And there are many men in your midst waiting for my word and who have asked ‘where shall we go?’ and I have given the answer; listen to Elijah! These must be sorted between the righteous and the self-righteous and the righteous must be called into the work. Elijah knows the way.  And as you humble yourselves I will pour out my blessing upon the meetings.  The meetings will become nothing the joyful.”

8 “And as for the rest of the time let them come together as families for encouragement and let them show their appreciation by sharing joyfully in the ministry.  Let men serve according to sincerity of heart and with joyfulness.  And as for me I will judge.  And I will see the sincerity.  And when one gives his all in the ministry I will see it.  For you men are not far away from understanding the very meaning of all the things that I recorded in my word.  There is a blessing that I pour out upon you.  Only be obedient to my word. For the responsibility is yours and you must shoulder the responsibility. As for you heads in the family, you must shoulder the responsibility. It is yours alone.”

9 “And as for the understanding of prophecy you will come to know the understanding of many things and you will listen to the words of Elijah the prophet and he will share with you according to the things that I give him and according to my word.  For as I prophesied through the prophet Amos, “and I will share with my prophets those things that I want to be known in the earth according to my time.” for in the Christian congregation I did appoint prophets, and these did prophesy concerning Jerusalem saying that a great famine will occur in the earth and the Christian congregation listened to these words and great gifts of mercy they went taking into the earth and the people of Jerusalem were spared for a time.  So in the final part of the days I have appointed a prophet.”

10 “And as for you men, you must accept these words and listen to them that you men may be marked according to the words of the prophet Ezekiel yet different.  And as for the work of those that are taking the lead among you; these men will humble themselves according to the words that they read for they will recognize the truth and by this the sons of the true God will know those among men who served me faithfully.  And you men must separate yourselves away from those that are saying ‘the organization, the organization, the organization!’  For it is by my word and my spirit that the work is accomplished and not according to the organization.”

11 “It is the humble ones in the earth that carry my word.  And can I not raise up even a humble one and appoint him over many things?  Or have you men so quickly forgot the example of Joseph whom I plucked from being a shepherd and gave authority in the whole earth. As for those who were appointed as shepherds these must learn new ways. Those who are loyal I will appoint as princes but as for the rest they must consider their ways.”

12 “And so you men must know that the Master of the harvest is not delaying.  And you men must not put heavy work upon those of the task assigners in the earth.  And you must allow the men to serve with joy that they may share in the joy.  And in the year of joy will Elijah share these words. And you must advertise the coming kingdom. You must recognise that it is coming according to my word. For as men read the words of the prophet Elijah so they will search for you and they will recognize that you are the ones about whom I have spoken these words to the preachers in the earth.  And it will be the case that many will come and want to be taught by you and you will have to be ready for these things.”

13 “And so you must humble yourselves according to the words of the prophet Elijah and you must come to know the very meaning of the word of God.  Recognize the words of the beloved son when he said ‘mercy is what I have sought’ and know that is not for men to judge others but you men have given the task assigners in the earth a great load to carry in judgment.  And from where did these things come?  It was not from my word that you men went overstepping the commandment of God in this regard. Did you not read when my son spoke of the son who returned to the father? And did you not read of the good Samaritan? Did you not speak of the way that I spoke to Manasseh when he repented of his evil ways? And did you not read my words to Jonah when he proclaimed judgement and I felt sorry for those who do not know the difference between right and wrong? And is not this world even as that one? And can they not be saved? When the Demons are destroyed at Armageddon and the Day of clarity is here there will be much work to be done. So do not say that I am a god of war when I am a god of love.”

14 “So give attention to your ways and remove the heavy burden of the sons of men.  For men were appointed as evangelizers to tell of my son’s return.  And is there not another way that you can do these things?  Can you not do according to my word to the congregation?  Give attention to my word and I will pour out my spirit upon you and you will understand these things.”

15 “For here I do appoint you for a great work.  And there will be a great work that will occur in the earth and many will come to you and will say ‘we will go with you, teacher, let us know the truth.’  And you will teach them according to the words that you have been taught and you will bring many to a knowledge of the truth for the end of the time of test is coming quickly and the work must be accomplished and brought to a full.  And so you men must be ready for the great work that lies ahead and you must prepare the congregation and they must be preachers and teachers in the earth according to the word of my prophet, according to the word of Jehovah, according to the word of the beloved son.”

16 “For here my spirit has been operative upon you and you have been training them for a great work and yet it will be as at Pentecost that there will be those that will turn to the congregation and the work will be accomplished.  And it will be as in the days of Moses the prophet that a vast mixed company of men will come with you according to the words of the prophet Elijah. And there will be those in the earth that will be stumbled by these things for they are serving for a day but yet I for my part, cannot I show compassion to the sons of men?  Cannot I bring forward the judgment to suit the many and not the few? For see you must learn from Jonah.”

17 “For as the sons of Nineveh, so there are yet those in the earth who yearn for truth.  And I for my part can show compassion for these, for the day is a day of fire and judgment and destruction.  And cannot I shelter a great number under my hand?  Know the word of Jehovah that I am a God of love and though I expect exclusive devotion I am the father.”

18 “There will be those that will be stumbled a little but will recover for they will recognize the word of Yahuwah and they will do according to the words of the prophet that I have commanded.”

19 “You are the first congregation in the earth and to you there has been given great spirit and insight and you recognize the leadership of the beloved son and you stand before me.  Sons of the kingdom in your midst shine brightly and even those of the 24 are coming to be among you and the lesser one has been appointed before you.  And now the final one has been appointed, Elijah the prophet.  And this one is a lesser one and yet I have appointed him over many things.  And this one does not want glory for himself.  And he behaves with humility.  And when those criticize he goes defending.  And with kindness he speaks.  And this lesser one I have appointed as a prophet and in due time I will reveal that which is hidden.”

20 “But now the end is approaching.  And will you work along with my word?  And will you humble yourselves?  But the day is approaching.”

21 “The four angels stand ready to release the wind and they are considering their ways and the army of the heavens is drawing in battle formation and the day and the hour are approaching and as the word of Elijah becomes plain so the work of the beloved son advances and who can stop the day of Yahuwah? For the kingdom is coming and it is near and then all things will become plain.”

22 “And just as there are 10 kings that turn their attention to the image, so there are 10 men out of all the nations turning their attention to the word and they will listen to the word and will come and want to know more.”

23 “For I am rocking the nations at my due time and great things you will come to comprehend.  It is I that rock the nations and not you. And as for you I have appointed you to teach and you should teach with great skill and you should turn your attention to the preaching work and you should teach.  And you should listen to the words of Elijah and you should humble yourselves away according to the way of Yahuwah. But as for the family, the head must be the head and he should shoulder the responsibility and care for his wife and his little ones. The one that avoids the responsibility will receive the judgement. So choose wisely and become as one blessed.”

[God’s personal name is often miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A]