Yahuwah – The Testimony Chapter Eight

1 “And I do give you a fifth pillar of truth.  For there are seven pillars of truth that you must believe in order to be saved.”

2 “And the fifth truth is this.  You must live according to the 10 Commandments that I gave Moses.  Only in regard to the Sabbath must you refrain for the Sabbath is yet ahead according to my day and according to the great Sabbath that I will set before men.”

3 “Moses listened to my word when I said to him ‘and you must go to Egypt and you must present yourself before Pharaoh.’  And he was hesitant for he had not seen the face of Pharaoh in many years.  And really I appeared to him in the fire and said to Moses, to Pharaoh you must go!  And he must let my people go and I must release my people for I have heard their plight and they are the sons of Abraham my friend.”

4 “And Moses presented himself before Pharaoh and Pharaoh listened to his words and he was curious for he had known a little of Moses.  But Moses presented my word just as I had spoken it.  Nothing being added and nothing did he take away.  In this respect he was like Noah and like the prophets and like Elijah.  Nothing did they add and nothing did they take away.”

5 “And in time I led my people out of Egypt.  For it was I that led them though they were stiff-necked people, my son going before them and leading the way.”

6 “And finally at my command Moses stretched out his rod over the red Sea.  And I caused a strong east wind to blow.  And the wind was used to dry the surface of the ground for I had used my spirit to part the waters.”

7 “And when the waters were parted it was almost impossible for people to see the side, so wide was the space.  And so my people crossed on dry land the east wind having dried the ground.  And my spirit kept Moses on his way and Pharaoh out of the way.  At length I showed Pharaoh what I had done and he and his armies marched into the seabed.  They were boisterous and they called out to Pharaoh that Pharaoh had caused this miracle and that he was a god.  And as for Pharaoh he took the credit for the miracle for he himself was saying ‘I am a god and the son of a god.’  So his heart was haughty and I said to Moses stretch out your rod over the seabed that the waters may come back.  And they cried out to Pharaoh for another miracle and he himself called out for a miracle but there was no one listening for there is no other God but me.  I am Yahuwah that is my name and I have not changed.”

8 “At length I brought my people to the great mountain.  When the earth shook and there was the sound of the spirit they were in fear.  Moses alone came out to the mountain and ascended.  And here I did give him the 10 Commandments.”

9 “These 10 Commandments I have placed within you.  These 10 Commandments were part of creation.  They are not merely something given to Moses.  But within you and in your hearts I have placed these. By this you know the truth.  These Commandments are the essence of men.  You should worship Jehovah your God.  And you show your obedience to God by obedience to the 10 Commandments of Moses.  These 10 Commandments were given to the sons of Abraham and to a large group of Egyptians and foreigners that went out with Moses.  See now, the 10 Commandments were given not to Israel but to mankind.”

10 “But all men may know that those who live by the 10 Commandments are living by the standards of God.  Therefore the 10 Commandments stand and you must be obedient to the word of Jehovah your God.  And it came about that after a length of days the beloved son sat upon the mountain.  And he went speaking to the sons of Israel the word.  And he went showing them how they should live.  And you must take the 10 Commandments and the word upon the mountain and place the two together.  By these commands you should live.  Only in the case of the Sabbath is there the exception. For there will be a great Sabbath and man will know rest. But now is not the time for the Sabbath and a great work must be done.”

11 “You should be obedient to the law of Yahuwah and you should be obedient to the word of the beloved son.” [God’s personal name is often miss translated as Jehovah but should be translated as Yahuwah and pronounced Yah-Who-A]