Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden in plain sight. Some Mysteries are Not Such Mysteries as they Appear In recent times man has been able to build machines to move huge weights. But it took many years to be able to develop machinery to this standard. And yet, in ancient times people were able to move heavy weights, substantial blocks … Continue reading Hidden In Plain Sight

607 BCE How Elijah’s message helps with this understanding and why this is important.

Search every reference and you will see that historically the kingdom of Babylon under king Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem around 587-586 BCE. Yet some make the claim that Jerusalem was destroyed earlier. In fact the claim is made that Jerusalem was destroyed in 607 BCE by King Nebuchadnezzar. This is an important claim to some major … Continue reading 607 BCE How Elijah’s message helps with this understanding and why this is important.

10 Signs That You Are In The True Religion


Is there a true religion? Is there a true faith? Is there any real way to know? It should be possible to know and it is possible to check. This is a simple guide to genuine Christianity. 10 Ways to know if you are looking at the true faith. The Bible is the only reliable … Continue reading 10 Signs That You Are In The True Religion

Is Covid-19 Prophecy Being Fulfilled?

Yes Covid-19 Is Part of Bible Prophecy being fulfilled More is Yet to Happen Is this prophecy being fulfilled? For many years, in fact for approximately 200 years, readers of the Bible have pointed forward to a time when prophecy would be fulfilled on a global scale. In their exuberance sometimes they have attributed greater … Continue reading Is Covid-19 Prophecy Being Fulfilled?

Panic and Truth

Why So Much Fear? Around the globe people with Christian values are showing how to approach serious issues such as plagues. Peaceful, law abiding, caring. It sets a good tone. At the same time, we may wonder at these global plagues and difficulties. It is good to understand people and understand where we are in … Continue reading Panic and Truth

Christ’s Return – Just Over A Decade Ahead.

Its Difficult To Compare The Bible and Religion Living at this time in history can be very difficult, especially if you're associated with a Christian faith. People feel let down. Yet now we must wake up to the truth. Christs return is a little over a decade away. That time will fly by. There are … Continue reading Christ’s Return – Just Over A Decade Ahead.

The Origin of Christmas

Christmas is part of pseudo Christianity drawing on teachings dating to 2100 years before Christ Jesus was born in October Christmas obscures the message of Christs impending return The first Trinity Doctrine is tied into teachings that originate with Christmas celebrations and began 2100 years before Christ The origin of Christmas. Christmas is celebrated around … Continue reading The Origin of Christmas