Is Covid-19 Prophecy Being Fulfilled?

Yes Covid-19 Is Part of Bible Prophecy being fulfilled

More is Yet to Happen

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Is this prophecy being fulfilled?

For many years, in fact for approximately 200 years, readers of the Bible have pointed forward to a time when prophecy would be fulfilled on a global scale. In their exuberance sometimes they have attributed greater or lesser events to prophecy only to see the times change and life return to normal. Now today as the whole world reels from the pandemic it is only to be expected that people will ask whether prophecy is being fulfilled. And YES this is fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

Prophecy is sometimes misapplied.

Unfortunately, it is easy to get lost in the world of Bible prophecy. There are many claims and counter claims regarding prophecies and what they mean. In some cases people have printed whole books explaining prophecies only to have to withdraw the publications when it became obvious that their explanations were not true. As a result it would be unsurprising for people to split into two camps when it comes to Bible prophecy. On the one hand the skeptics who have seen claim after claim prove untrue and on the other hand those who are sometimes too trusting and not willing to examine evidence and therefore say with absolute certainty that prophecy is being fulfilled.

The Bible contains prophecies that were most definitely fulfilled. In some cases events were foretold hundreds of years in advance and in some cases thousands of years in advance and the prophecies saw fulfillment. Therefore, wiping away all of the inaccurate claims that have been made about Bible prophecy we are still left with the truth that Bible prophecy does come true and that it is not vague in the way that other prophetic works tend to be open to multiple application.

Effectively you can take some words and apply them to any event and say ‘this was prophesied you know.’ but find that it isn’t so.

So what about the plagues today?

Setting aside the climate of claims and counter claims that make the picture difficult to understand, let us come to the actual truth regarding Bible prophecy. In Matthew chapter 24:7,8 Jesus gave a prophecy that is often misapplied. He said “nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom in war and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another. All these things are a beginning of pangs causing distress.” In the same context Jesus said “you are going to hear of wars and reports of wars and you should see that you are not terrified or alarmed for these things must take place but know this that the end has not yet arrived.”

Frequently when Jesus spoke about the time of his return he described a world going through what is normal. He spoke of wars earthquakes famines and pestilences and said that this normal situation would continue right down to the end and that we should not look at these things as if somehow they indicate a great sign. It is similar to another comment that Jesus made regarding the time of Noah when he said “it will be as it was before the flood. They were eating and drinking and they were getting married until the flood came and swept them all away.” In other words life will continue on as normal until the end.

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a Prophecy for Our Day

Setting aside the misapplied prophecies then what about the pestilence that we see around the world today? Specifically referring to the sign that would make up the sign of Christ’s return Jesus used an illustration in the book of Revelation chapter 6 in which he described the horsemen of the apocalypse. The fiery colored horseman is described as taking peace away from the Earth using a great sword. This was indicating that something would change as regards warfare and the great sword or a great weapon would be in use in the time of the end. Just as the sword was the ultimate weapon in the first century so the use of atomic warfare has introduced a great sword and has taken peace away from the world because no one can rest easy knowing that the powers of the world have the ability to obliterate life completely.

A black horseman is described in the context of famine. This horse is described in the context of a statement that indicates inequality as far as food is concerned. On the one hand “a day’s wage for a loaf of bread” while on the other hand to another part of the world we hear the statement “and do not tamper with the olive oil and the wine supply.” So there would be parts of the world in the last days where food would be plentiful and there would be parts of the world where food would be in scarce supply. And this would be on a huge scale for it to be part of a global sign in the Bible book of Revelation chapter 6. We do not have to present statistics here. Simply look it up online and you will see the extent to which food shortage on one side of the earth is matched by the horrendous waste of food on the other side of the earth.

The final horsemen in Revelation chapter 6 is the pale horse and this one is said to have the name “death.” Ominously Revelation chapter 6:8 continues “and the grave was following closely behind him.” What does this indicate? This is a key part of Bible prophecy because this fourth horseman overlaps horseman number two and three and introduces number four. It reads “and authority was given them over the fourth part of the earth.” Evidently the word them refers to the four horsemen previously mentioned. “To kill with the long sword.” In other words the long sword would actually be used in warfare as we saw during World War II. “And to kill with food shortage” indicating that there would definitely be food shortages during this time on a great scale. And then it continues “and with deadly plague and by the wild beast of the earth.”

It is interesting that deadly plague and the wild beasts of the earth are linked together here given that the pandemic that we are seeing finds its source in the animal kingdom. The fact that authority is given over the fourth part of the earth shows the huge extent to which pandemics would extend. Plague would be a definite part of the last days.

Now this prophecy is not dealing with inaccurate expressions or stretching words or trying to make application to try to fit a situation. We have all experienced the fulfillment of these prophecies in one way or another. Many have been born into a world where nuclear war and the potential for such is the reality and it has influenced the way that society has developed. Nuclear weapons are the great sword referred to in Revelation, the ultimate weapon and they have been used. Indeed to some extent the technology associated with nuclear technology has found its way into various fields of warfare and therefore the great sword can be said to have had long reaching effects.

In different parts of the world people experience huge famines. On the one hand people work all day for a loaf of bread while on the other hand people have access to the rich things of life with little thought to the poor. Thankfully some have displayed Christian values and tried to help and continue to try to help but it is a sad reflection on society that we have more than enough food to feed the world and yet Revelation chapter 6:6 continues to come true.

Enter Plague

Revelation chapter 6:8 clearly says that plague would have authority over the fourth part of the earth during the last days in the time leading up to the return of Christ. One rendering of the verse reads this way “and I saw a pale horse with a rider whose name was death and behind him the grave followed and they were given dominion over 1/4 of the earth to kill by the sword and by starvation and by epidemics and by the beasts of the earth.”

Given that we have seen the fulfillment of the ride of the second horsemen with the great sword and the third horsemen with food shortage it should not surprise us to see the fourth horseman ride forth. We might point to other plagues that have also had a far-reaching effect but this one has certainly taken on specific proportions and coming as it does sometime after the ride of the second horsemen with the great sword it should confirm in our mind that we are in fact seeing the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

Some years ago the 24 elders pointed out that it would be good for all people to have in their storehouses supplies for at least 14 days. We know that many took this advice and had no need to panic buy in recent times. Having advanced knowledge of these things does not mean that we are immune from their effects but that we are simply prepared.

What Happens Next?

What is Bible prophecy indicate will happen next? Many Bible prophecies are repeated a number of times with their message presented in different ways. This accomplishes two things. Firstly it establishes from a variety of sources the truth of what is being said and secondly, because often things are presented in illustration such as for example the vision of horsemen riding it allows for other perspectives and truths to be revealed.

Wake Up To The Truth!

Based on an examination of these prophecies it is obvious that mankind will emerge from this plague. This plague is part of the signal of the return of the bridegroom referred to elsewhere on the site. The Bible describes a time when people of religious faith are effectively asleep spiritually. Various events cause people of faith to wake up to the reality of the time that they are in and to shake away the complacency that they have regarding their faith. If ever there was an event that should cause people to start to wake up from spiritual sleep it is the plague that we are currently experiencing.

Will there be other issues to affect the Earth? Yes there will. Three times the Bible confirms that the earth will move towards a secular society and want to do away with the problems caused by religion and that this will be caused by a series of unfolding events that will affect the Earth ultimately resulting in a more global unified approach to the earth problems. Events will continue to affect the Earth in a negative way both on land and in the oceans. We should anticipate some very serious problems. But this is not a cause for people of genuine faith to lose hope.

Christs Return Is Coming

If you’re not familiar with what the Bible actually teaches consider the following simple truth. We are currently in a time of test to see whether we can govern ourselves and look after this earth and exercise proper dominion over the earth while being independent from God. A set time has been allowed until Christ returns as God’s representative to see whether we have found a way to live forever independent of God and to govern our affairs in peace and security and to look after the earth perfectly. We have failed this test however since we were pushed into this situation as a result of the influence of a wicked spirit God does not hold us fully accountable for the situation. Many of us are oblivious to the truth about the times in which we live. At Christ’s return we will be given all knowledge and be able to understand the situation that we have been dealing with and be given the opportunity to make a different choice to that that was made for us by our forefathers long before our time. If you want to know more about it please feel free to look through the various references on this site.

In just over 10 years from today, in 2020, the period called the ‘great tribulation’ will begin. It will culminate in Christs return.

While we cannot make a success of our life independent of God we can most definitely take advantage of the free gift that God provides through his son Christ Jesus. We can acknowledge that we need guidance. Every day we demonstrate the truth of the fact that we want guidance when we turn to electronic devices and type in questions or call on electronic voices to provide us with answers. Sometimes the answers work and sometimes they don’t. Imagine having that sort of relationship with God and always getting the best advice in any situation. Imagine living forever with perfect life free of illness and disease when the problems of the modern time are simply history. Imagine experiencing a time of recreation when all who have died are resurrected or recreated. Imagine being reunited with a loved one. That is what mankind can look forward to. Yes, prophecy is being fulfilled. Plague is part of Bible prophecy and coming as it does after the ride of the second and third horsemen it is well worth noting.

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