The Story Of The Bible Part 1

The Story of The Bible

This series tells the story of the Bible from the beginning to the conclusion. It is designed to explain what we read and what we know in simple terms so that its message is easily understood. With these accounts everyone can know the story of the Bible.

Part 1

From the Beginning to Egypt

Genesis 1:1 ‘At the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’

Everything Had a Beginning

With this opening statement the Bible immediately introduces God. It also states that everything that we know had a beginning. The physical universe had a starting point.

Today science agrees with the fact that everything had a beginning which they often call the ‘Big Bang.’ The moment when the universe came into existence. Science isn’t sure what caused it to begin. The Bible simply states that it was God that caused the universe.

The next series of statements show that originally the earth was a lifeless planet. And that when changes occurred allowing sunlight to reach its surface and land emerged from the water on the planet, then life followed quickly. Plants,  sea creatures and birds, then land animals and finally man.

Gen 1:12. ‘and the earth put out vegetation, the various kinds of herbage bearing seed and the various kinds of trees producing fruit which has their seed in it; and God saw that it was good’

Gen 1:20-22. ‘And God said “Let the water swarm with animals and let birds fly over the earth across the face of the sky”;  21 and God created the great whales and all the various kinds of gliding animals that the water swarmed with, and all the various kinds of winged birds; and God saw that it was good.  22 And God blessed them, saying “Breed and multiply, and fill the water in the seas, and let the birds multiply on the earth.”

Gen 1:27,28. ‘And God created man in his image; in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them;  28 and God blessed them. And God said to them “Breed and multiply, and fill the earth and subjugate it,”

The Bible indicates that once the changes began there were definite periods which God called Days however these were not the days that we know. Man’s day is measured by the rotation of the earth in relation to the sun. Clearly God is not limited by human constraints. There is no way to know how long the creative days were. But each stage must have taken the same period from Day 1 to Day 6 when humans took their place as defined above.

Man Was Offered A Choice. It Should Have Been Their Own Choice But There Was Interference

Mankind Was Given A Choice But There Was Interference

Man is now asked to make a choice. He can follow God’s guidance while living life to the full. Or else he can go his own way and life independent of God and have the same life prospects of any of the animals on the earth which would include death. God did not explain what would happen if they chose to serve Him long term and it was only later that Jesus explained the heavenly prospect.

Man’s choice was independence from God. They would take their chances and make their own decisions. However, the Bible account reveals that this was as a result of bad advice. Eve was effectively told that she would not die and that she would improve her life if she was independent of God. Adam supported the choice. Now mankind would create a history independent of God. In effect they chose a different God. To some degree man would do as he pleased but also accept the ideas of the fallen angel. This fallen angel, the Devil, was described by Jesus as ‘the god of the world.’ So, man didn’t simply choose independence, they chose a different god.

1 Tim 2:14  ‘the woman was fooled into violation of the command.’

Gen 3:4,5 And the snake said to the woman “You will not die;  5 but God knows that on the day you eat any of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, knowing good and bad.”

An angel in heaven took to guise of a snake and spoke to Eve. The choice of independence could be taken by simply taking fruit from a tree that God had made His own. He made it simple for them to choose one way or the other. They chose independence.

Our History Is Leading To A Second Chance

However, God immediately stepped in with a second chance for the human race. He said that He would allow mankind their history but that at a future point mankind would be given the choice again. There were many unborn generations of mankind that would want to make their own choice.

It is this choice and the opportunity to have a second chance regarding life that is the entire basis for the Bible. We would not need the Bible if the choice of independence along with the choice of a different and inferior god had not been taken.

The angel in heaven who deceived Eve lead a revolt against God in the heavens. He would continue to interfere in mans history. We know him as a Satan and a devil, and his associates are sometimes called fallen angels or demons. Exposing and dealing with this person would also be essential so that we could make a well-informed decision when we are given our second chance.

The next phase of mans history shows generations being born, living a long life and then dying. This confirmed that man’s life was now comparable with the animals. Humans had freedom to do as they pleased.

Then the revolt in heaven reached its climax when instead of a single angel interfering in man’s way of life the whole group of opposer of God stepped into the picture. A whole group of angels chose to materialize on the earth and cohabit with mankind.

Some Myths Have A Basis In Fact

This is apparently the source of the legends of Olympians and Gods like Zeus taking wives on the earth and having huge children.

Gen 6:1-4 And when men began to multiply over the soil, and daughters were born to them,  the sons of God saw the daughters of men were fine, and they took wives from any that they chose. …..The Nephilim were on earth in those days, and afterward too, when the sons of God went in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them: those were the ancient heroes, the men of fame.

Effectively they wrecked life on the earth with violence and deviant behaviour. This is the reason we have the account of the flood. The flood was designed to sweep away a society of deviants. This account helps us to see how inferior the gods that Adam and Eve were. Fallen angels are far different to God himself. The flood was a necessary event to close this chapter of human history. It would provide an example of what God could do in the future.

In the story of the flood we see man commissioned to build an ark of huge dimensions and gather in those examples of life that would be needed in the future. Clearly it would not hold all of the different animals that existed at that time. In fact, the boarding of animals took just 7 days so that we know some animals were not included. Each kind of animal that is currently alive was represented in the ark.  All over the globe there are examples of fossils showing that a flood did happen and creatures that clearly have not been seen since have been left in the strata. [for example, the sabre tooth tiger and the wooly mammoth.] If representatives from each type of animal alive today were included, as seems likely, then they would have occupied about half of the space in the ark. Bear in mind that many creatures would not have needed to be inside the ark as in any flood many animals find ways to survive.

Ararat Where Moses Account States That The Ark Finally Came To Rest

The flood legend lives on around the world.

Noah and his family emerge onto an earth free of the deviant behavior that existed prior to these event. The angels had shown their hand and were punished. Jude explains this in Jude verse 6.

 Jude 6 And the angels who did not keep their original position but forsook their own proper dwelling place, he has reserved……. for the judgment of the great day

Now man would have a second go at writing their history but without direct personal interference from these angels. Not that they would not interfere but now they would interfere in different ways.

Kingdoms, Idols and Nations

The Genesis account reveals that there were three major developments post flood. The development of political ideas with Kings and Kingdoms, The development of worship of idols along with priests, and thirdly the development of nations. Mankind spreads over the earth and forms many nations.

But what of God’s promise to give mankind a second opportunity to choose their life?

The time came for Jehovah to explain how that promise would come true. It became clear that God was allowing mankind to experience life independent from God’s guidance and following their own rules along with the interference along the way from the Satan. This would make it clear whether man could make a success of life in their own way.

God’s Purpose Begins To Become Clearer

The Bible now introduces Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. These men were God fearing and demonstrated a willingness to listen to God rather than just rely on their own thinking. Jehovah gave them instructions and they followed them. They were shown the land that would later be called the land of Israel. They were promised this land as a home to be given to their descendants, and that ultimately God would use this area in a special way to fulfil His promises. Jehovah foretold that one of their descendants would be the one who would the the linch pin in His purpose and restore the opportunity to enjoy endless life within His purpose.

This was a time of marked contrasts. The land was at that time called the land of Canaan. These were people fully steeped in idol worship and brutality. One of their chief sacrifices was to burn new born children before their idols.

In contrast Abraham, Isaac and Jacob lived simple lives and followed Gods direction. They prospered and grew in a remarkable way as they enjoyed God’s blessing. Thus, in an illustrative way God demonstrated in the life of these patriarchs the contrast between the two lifestyles. Between a lifestyle steeped in false worship and a life following God’s direction.

We are now shown a huge famine that engulfed the whole earth and how God made plans for Abraham’s descendants to survive through a provision made in Egypt. The family of Jacob moves to Egypt and prospers for many years until a pharaoh takes the throne who is clearly nationalistic when it comes to the Egyptians against these Hebrew speakers. This pharaoh makes the growing family of the patriarchs, now in the hundreds and thousands, into a slave work force.

This sets up a confrontation between Jehovah God and His ways and the Egyptian culture which is the very epitome of all that Satan has achieved.

How Would The Might Of Egypt And Its Idols Fair Against God

Egypt was steeped in idols and gods. It was heavily influenced by magic and priests. It was also an advanced culture. It was a shining example of what men could do independent of God and yet leaning on the ideas of the fallen angels.

In Summary – Eden to Egypt

From the foregoing we can see several issues facing humanity.

Firstly, do we really want to live independent of God’s purpose with the life prospects of the animals?

Secondly, do we really want to work along with fallen angels who have manifest the deviant characteristics that were displayed before the flood?

Thirdly, how would God give mankind a second chance to take advantage of His purpose for life?

And finally, how would a descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob provide a basis for reconciliation with God?


The Bible Students want everyone to be up to date with accurate truth. The Bible is a much misunderstood book. We are dedicated Bible researchers with a Christian background and without affiliation to any religious group. We avoid the internal politics and wrangling and issues that religion entails. Here you will find only truth.

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